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  1. I am right in thinking there has been some backlash to the idea of a 100% Chinese take-over?

    So what is the great news.
    That Saab sees another day?
    That the workers will get paid?
    That Muller is finally gone?
    That China now/or will own Sweden’s car companies?

    Personally I find it a bit of a sad day because it means Victor Muller didn’t reach his goal. I wish every bit of luck to the new Investors, they have a bigger hill to clime than when GM sold SAAB to Spyker.

  2. Müller says himself that he is happy and that he reached his goal that Saab will live on. Most of the people on the radio, suppliers, unions etc are happy. So I celebrate instead of mourn.

  3. Believe me, Victor achieved the best he could currently get against the threath of bankruptcy, from which he would have lost almost everything.

    From a SAAB perspective, let’s just look at Volvo and hope these Chinese firms will behave like Geely does.

    Don’t forget Saab was close to die, therefore smile to a new life!

  4. While I am delighted that Saab ‘appear’ to have been saved, I will hold back from out and out celebration until the deal is fully done. This is only an MoU, nothing more and as we have all seen over the last year or so, an MoU guarantees nothing.
    I don’t feel that we can truly say Saab lives on until production starts again in THN. Until then all we can say is Saab is not dead. The longer that takes, the less likely the Saab we know and love will survive the way we would want it to.
    For me, while cautiously optimistic about Saabs survival, I just keep getting this bad feeling that the Chinese will strip what they want and leave town ‘MG style’. Lets remember, when Geely bought Volvo, Volvo was in full production and cars were leaving the factory and being delivered to customers and dealers. Saab haven’t produced anything for months and this is just another hurdle that will have to be overcome before the ticker tape and champagne can be splashed about IMHO.
    So for now, well done to all involved. Keep working and going forward. My fingers are crossed that this deal will be finalised and that Saab will remain in Sweden, producing swedish inspired cars, built by the hugley committed swedish workforce and available to a world that really needs Saab to be the Saab that it should be!

    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

  5. So far means that the Chinese have agreed to buy Saab and Saab GB.
    I live just 1 mile from what was Britain’s largest car plant, MG Rover.
    In 2004 Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. of china signed a deal with MG Rover to have a 70% stake in MG Rover, to be ratiefied by the chinese Government (the NDRC). Sound familiar ?
    The Chinese company bought the rights to the 2 MG Rover models currently in production, but not the name Rover or MG.
    In 2005 MG Rover suspended production because of a shortage of supplies, then the company was placed in recievership, more talks with the Chinise followed. Next the British Government gave MG Rover 6 million GBP to pay its workforce for 1 week. Then the chinese company stated they had the rights to the current MG Rover models and the engines,
    MG Rover went into administration in July 2005.
    The administrators decided to sell the assets and name MG to Nanjing Automobile as the offer was better than that from Shanghai Automotive. Within 3 months all of the manufacturing plant from the MG Rover factory was taken to China.
    6000 workers at MG Rover lost their jobs, and in the supply chain, a further 30,000 jobs were lost.
    So until production re-starts at Trollhatten, I won’t be rejoicing.

    • Perhaps it was you, but someone posted a photo log of the remains of the MG plant. I saddened me to see those cars ready to almost roll out the door just left abandoned. You would hope someone would but the place and contents at tax sale just to get those cars and parts back in circulation?

    • That’s why i hate government own big company like SAIC, Nanjing Auto.

      Do you know why MG’s story would be so bad? Because Nanjing Auto is b***it. at the beginning, SAIC want take over MG, but Nanjing Auto buy the factory and brand name before SAIC.
      and in fact Nanjing Auto just want to use them to blackmail SAIC. Nanjing Auto don’t have resource to retain factory.

      SAIC did not yield, than use MG’s tech build their own brand, ROEWE. but without MG brand, their own brand will not sell well outside china, so they just sell ROEWE in china.
      and a few years later, Nanjing Auto acquired by SAIC. then SAIC start promote the development of MG brand. So you can see MG6 in UK now.

      SAIC was to revive the MG brand, only to be wrecked by Nanjing Auto.

      Nanjing Auto is garbage.

      So I think Volov & SAAB’s story will be very different than MG, because every penny of Geely & Youngman is hard earned, they will care Volvo and SAAB like their children. they will focus on Volvo and SAAB, not like Ford or GM.

  6. Oooh, I like this line:

    Victor Muller: Kineserna har bett mig att i framtiden arbeta väldigt nära Saab för att hjälpa till med utveckling av företaget.

    or in English:

    Victor Muller: The Chinese have asked me to work very close to Saab in the future, helping to develop the company.

  7. Anyone else been listening to Victor Muller’s press conference (relayed live by Sveriges Radio)?

    A couple of things I noticed:

    1) Victor M. sounds like a really together guy – came across very well.

    2) He REALLY, REALLY doesn’t like the Swedish Television people!

    3) His comments about the corporate qualities of Pang Da (small, entrpreunurial, dynamic) and Youngman (huge, ferociously well-organised, massively wealthy) were encouraging

    4) He clearly wants to remain involved in SAAB…one can’t help but think that the Chinese would be crazy to ease him out

    5) Sadly, my connection was interrupted as he was about to give his views on Guy Lofalk. Anyone else able to give us the details there?

    Griffin Up!

  8. The following was reported by Dow Jones (used Google to translate). I guess this is what VM said during the press conference…

    Saab CEO: No JV with Pangda, Youngman
    Saab CEO: Youngman receives 60% interest, 40% Pangda
    Saab CEO: Short talk with General Motors
    Saab CEO: production remains in Trollhattan, Sweden
    Saab CEO: Pangda and Youngman will invest more than EUR245 million
    Saab CEO: still not ruled out layoffs
    Saab CEO: wages are paid within days
    Saab CEO: Acquisition strengthens position in China
    Saab CEO: 200,000 to 300,000 in 2016 to sell cars in China
    Saab CEO: by Pang Da and Youngman asked to stay at Saab
    Saab CEO: No cash bonuses received
    Saab CEO: expect no problems with authorities for acquisition
    Saab CEO: GM will benefit from takeover
    Saab CEO: Total sum EUR100 million will go to Swedish Automobile
    Saab CEO: acquisition includes all debts
    Saab CEO: Spyker possibly sold
    Saab CEO: Swedish Automobile loses approximately EUR 70 million for Saab
    Saab CEO: Saab growth within existing capacity
    Saab CEO: satisfied with rescue Saab
    Saab CEO: has 30% interest in the Swedish Automobile
    Saab CEO: doubtful whether this year cars will be built
    Saab CEO: payment by Pang Da and Youngman one month after deal
    Saab CEO: expected closing deal is still one month
    Saab CEO: expects EUR500 million investment in Saab
    Saab CEO: ws restarted production in early 2012
    Saab CEO: Spyker sales agreement in principle for EUR23 million
    Saab CEO: expects to remain for years with Saab
    Saab CEO: Saab aims to market Audi, Mercedes, Volvo
    Saab CEO: CEO position will transfer asap
    Saab CEO: prospective buyer Spyker’s North Sea Capital
    Saab CEO: EUR100 million payment spread over four years for Saab
    Saab CEO: AGM Swedish Automobile likely deleted
    Saab CEO: personally lost a lot of money on Saab
    Saab CEO: Spyker expects sales deal within one month
    Saab CEO: Swedish Automobile still has to pay off loans
    Saab CEO: Swedish Automobile has about EUR120 million loan

  9. That is quite a lot, starting from s position of nearly zero… Especially if the Chinese Government fails to soft land the economy… Let’s hope for the best!

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