55 thoughts on “Muller: “Good news for Trollhättan!””

  1. I wish the people in SAAB the best luck! I think the customers and fans will follow and support SAAB if the quality of the cars stay on top, the cars for the western market is developed and made in Sweden and if the SAAB people in THN are allowed to develope and make true SAABs.

  2. The whole Saab world stand up now an rejoice in the good news.
    Finally the ordeal is over! Hopefully and en to the roller-coaster ride.

  3. A very sympathetic Victor Muller in this interview!
    Thanks Victor for those amazing efforts through almost two years!
    Now I long to see cars produced and developed in Trollhättan again! 🙂

  4. Thank you Victor Muller and your team for all their efforts in keeping SAAB alive and kicking.
    We’re starting to leave behind the never- ending tunnel, a last we can see the light.

    • What that means is that YM / PD can’t even come up with a few million to keep the company afloat until the deal is done, hence the GEM deal, which is just madness.

      It may also mean that the whole package needs to go back to the local and then provincial DRCs before even getting to the NDRC; it could be months yet, if NDRC approve.

      I’m sorry, but, apart from reconstruction not ending, I don’t see where the good news is here yet. This is just another MoU in a line of broken MoUs, surely?

      • Doom and Gloom.

        I understand that people can be pessimistic, but for now Saab lives.
        All other things are speculations.
        I could give you another result of speculations, but I will refrain from that.
        I just wish you would too.

        • I’m not speculating about anything. ALL that has happened here is that ANOTHER “binding” MoU has been signed.

          I truly hope, if this is the best deal Saab can get right now, that it goes through. But, after all that we’ve all witnessed, I was hoping people would be better at keeping things in perspective.

          I run a business; do you? If I celebrated every MoU / letter of intent / provisional order / whatever, my life would be an emotional rollercoaster, probably – by now – a wrecked one. And nobody would work for me. Even “binding” contracts are only as “binding” as your ability to enforce them in court.

          What Victor has negotiated is sufficient to keep the game alive for a few more weeks. It MAY turn out to be much more than that, but celebrating it as if it was a done deal seems a bit pointless to me.

          • I we are pulling rank on business experiences, I am in the process of saving my workplace, which is in the same situation as Saab at the moment, with a severe liquidity crisis and deals being worked on at a lot of levels and a threatening bankruptcy in 2 months

            ALL that is being said all in all is that GL has withdrawn the petition to end the reconstruction.
            This means that there is money to go on.

            Everything else is MoU and speculation.

            My speculation is that everyting will be approved at all levels very fast, and that if there are problems we will see the return of NSC

            We have changed paradigms with the possibility of a 100% Chinese takeover…
            Pardigm shift…without a Clutch

  5. I think that Victor Muller can be credited for

    1. Saving Saab in 2010
    2. Keeping the company going for 14months, and (barely) alive for 20 months
    3. Letting Saab go on when he had no means to take Saab on.
    4. (Probably) not losing his own money in the process?

    At the beginning week it seemed that his only credit would have been Saving Saab in 2010 (and then bankcrupting it). That’s what I call an improvement!

    • 4. (Probably) not losing his own money in the process?

      I am not sure if this is entorely true. In the Dutch media VM is being quoted as having said that Swan will probably loose EUR 70 mio with the sale of Saab. Swan paid GM EUR 52 mio for Saab and VM estimates that Swan invested appr. EUR 120 mio in Saab. This should also affect VM as a SWAN shareholder.

      Apart from that, I completely agree with your credits for Victor Muller.

      • It may be worse than that. SWAN paid 70m+ euro for Saab; the last 20m or so came in the form of a loan from Saab GB to SWAN. I don’t know if SWAN are required to repay that money to Saab GB as a part of the deal – right now, the announcement is a of a sale of the shares in Saab GB which, with no other adjustments, would leave the debt outstanding.

        If VM can repay Tenaci (who in turn can repay their lenders, rumoured to be / include VA), then he should be off the hook personally. But what does he do next? If lucky, there might be 20m euro left in SWAN. VM can either use that money to re-start Spyker production, or he can follow-through with the sale of Spyker to NSC for 30m, and then have 50m in SWAN as an investing fund for the next adventure 🙂

  6. oh well…the fat lady can retire, don’t you think?

    hearing VM say that he remains involved with Saab means (to me) that he will n o t retire from his work as Chairman, so somehow he (must have) made a deal which includes certainty about his position in the company. nothing wrong with that, i’d say, after what he has been doing for Saab.
    interesting to hear: production startup will be 8 weeks after the funds flow in. so hurry up NDRC. that way maybe production starts before the end of this year…


    • somehow he (must have) made a deal which includes certainty about his position in the company

      Well, this is one of the biggest questions for now, isn’t it? As far as I remember from the numerous rollercoaster rides we took over the last days, a 100% takeover of Saab by YM/PD wasn’t really what VM wanted. In fact, the last offer seemed to have been inacceptable at all. What has changed is mind, now? Besides, I thank him so much for keeping Saab alive – a true hero to me, indeed. However, something smells fishy in here… What happens with SWAN, being the (former) owner of Saab, when there are no more “Swedish Automobiles” in their portfolio? Moreover, I thought that Saab AB would not agree the brand name rights to any other owner? Any ideas someone?

      • The Saab brand will not have a new owner; the licence will still be owned by Saab Automobile AB, just as now. That would have been different if Saab Automobile AB had gone bankrupt; the asset would not have been available to be sold-on.

  7. Sorry-it sounds good-sort of…but I am reserving judgement until production is up and running in Sweden.
    then I will open the champagne.

    I do stl have long term concerns over Trollhatan’s permanence-I hope it is there for ever, and not sometime down the track moved to china.

    I would not buy a chinese car (I am sorry I can’t really go into the reasons but it just would not feel right to me and I’m afraid to say I’d switch to Jaguar manufactured in the UK [even though under Indian ownership)

    • I don’t think too many of us here would buy a Saab made in China, for many reasons. Safety being the first.

      I imagine SAAB AB would cancel licensing of the brand name the moment manufacturing left Sweden (if not sooner).

  8. Through all the turbulence VM also managed to keep the SAAB core intact, he gave us the Phoenix, and he opened up a road into the world’s biggest car market. Just to mention a few…
    And he did not enter China by opening a garage in the Mongolian desert. No, he actually placed SAAB right up there on the top shelf with the biggest car dealer in the world!

    Mission impossible completed, if you ask me.

  9. This sounded like a very awkward interview. It’s like listening to 2 people how have zero respect for the other. I firmly believe the Swedish Media has behaved in very unethical manner over SAAB and Victor Muller and you could sense the dis-interest in communicating in his short answers.

    I’ve posted another comment on a later post, please don’t confuse my words… I am very sorry to hear that Victor will be selling SAAB to Youngman/Pang da.

    On the other side though. Although the new MoU has to go back through the NDRC again, it may be fast-tracked because they will now be funding and gaining control of the whole company. The Chinese governmental body may see this in a better light than just requesting 53% control?

    • I would not read too much into the atmosphere of this particular interview. VM has obviously not slept much recently and the mobile phone connection seemed a bit noisy.

      Other than that, I share your beliefs.

  10. A statue of Victor should be put up at the Saab factory. He will be looked back on as the man who saved Saab for generations to come. Hats of to Victor.

  11. Stupid journalist questions; they are, as usual, not prepared one iota. So I shouldn’t be surprised.
    Victor Muller, on the other hand, did very good.

    • The reporters first goal was to get a word from Müller at all costs. The news had been out for maybe an hour when it was recorded. They prefer to give us news fast.
      I think Müller said that he slept three hours of the last 48, so I bet he has a good nap right now 🙂

  12. This is a MOU and we all know what happens with those. This is not a time to celebrate as nothing has changed and probably wont unitl the deal is done. GM, regretfully, has a big say in all of this remember

    • Please… A lot has changed today with a new Mou and bridge financing. And I can’t imagine that they all would sound so positive if they didnt believe in this. Also it would be really strange if they went this far without consulting EIB, GM and the others first.

  13. Hopefully this is the end of a very special period for SAAB!
    The future is here!
    Thank you Viktor! I can understand if you are exhausted!
    Thanks again!

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