Neo Brothers – The OFFICIAL Cadwell Park Saab Trackday Video 1st Oct 2011

Hi all,

We would like to invite you to watch our antics from our 2011 Saab trackday held at Cadwell Park in the UK. We had a fantastic turn out of over 40 Saabs ranging from factory condition Saab 96’s to Neo Brothers prepared 420BHP Saab 9-3 Sport track cars. Overall, the day was a huge success and was a great opportunity for like minded enthusiasts to gather and share Saab stories and also to explore their cars on a racing circuit.

Sit back and enjoy the next 4 and a half minutes…

(please turn the sound down if you do not like the Fword)

Roll on 2012 trackday ;)!

Neo Brothers

14 thoughts on “Neo Brothers – The OFFICIAL Cadwell Park Saab Trackday Video 1st Oct 2011”

  1. Great track and event! Music is annoying but I just turned it down. Unfortunately I then couldn’t enjoy the sweet music of the cars.
    After Just Saab’s SCCA event, I’m itching to get back out to some more track time.
    As fun as the 9-4x Aero was to toss around the cones, I’d love to see what a TurboX or Viggen would do.

  2. Thanks to Neobros for the thrilling video and for organizing such great events..!

    Now it feels a proper ceremonial joyride after all the Saab saga!

  3. OK, I’ll admit I love the footage, thanks for sharing. For my taste, I would have chosen other music but then again, if everyone liked the same thing…the world would be very boring.

    I’m thinking some Red Ryder “Lunatic Fringe” would have been cool…. but then again, you could have set the video to Benny Goodman and it would have been just as sexy.


  4. I was given special permission to drive my then SAAB 99 round the Cadwell Park track many many years ago. It was for a photo shoot by a student preparing his portfolio.
    I still remember the exhilaration of driving at top speed without fear of police apprehension. And to think that my new 9-5 has a 20 mph faster top speed! Shall I ever get the chance to drive off-road again? Anyone like to arrange a similar off-road experience for mere mortal drivers?

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