No Decision from NDRC Today

I was a little confused this past week when I was hearing the date of October 14th being the date for a decision to be announced by the NDRC as I didn’t know where that date had come from. Well, the day has come and gone for some and no decision. A bit of internal news from Saab was posted on Inside Saab by Swade about that date and what this does or doesn’t mean.

“Many have highlighted October 14 as a possible date when the NDRC would take its decision regarding Saab’s planned business agreements with Pang Da and Youngman. For third parties it is not possible to know exactly when authorities like the NDRC will take their decisions.

The reason for October 14 spreading the way it has, is an early assumption made by Saab in court documents, based on general process information that Pang Da and Youngman received from the NDRC. The fact that we didn’t receive any decision from the NDRC today has no bearing on the decision process in its entirety and is not something from which we should draw any conclusions.

Pang Da and Youngman are very committed to making our partnership a success as proven by yesterday’s announcement regarding the first payments under our bridge financing agreement with Youngman.”

My take on all of this is simply that, no news is really just no news. People have speculated and called it “reporting” about what is happening for too long and sometimes those speculations/reports have resulted in some serious negative ways with stock and sales. I would strongly suggest to anyone following the Saab story to hang tight, keep calm and wait for the real news. Saab has some very interested partners that are taking some serious gambles themselves to ensure that Saab has a bright future.

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Nice to have you as a writter Jason.


My future looks brigther from today.
I have just picked up my “new” 9-3 SC.
Hope for a really bright future for SAAB.


Lucky you! Please hold your head up high when driving, too. And smile happily =)




As I’ve asked in other places, have Youngman actually submitted the application to NDRC for consideration? The recently-reported news from China implied that it hadn’t happened as late as last week.


An informing post, to the point, and a great way to end the week. Thanks, I’d say we all needed that.


“… as I didn’t know where that date had come from.” That time-frame (Oct/Nov) was discussed earlier, even if it seemed to be a bit optimistic; and then at the time of the appeal, it became known as the date when the Chinese companies expected to have a decision from the NDRC, given the information they had. As mentioned at IS, it was part of the documents sent to the court. The approval process was outlined in an appendix to the application. As has been mentioned earlier, and some may know, the provincial DRC came with a decision two days… Read more »


I agree with you there really needs to be and NDRC decision soon, certainly prior to the creditors meeting at the end of this month. I hate to mention this but I wonder of there is a workable plan should there be no approval.



Motoring times seem to be a bit slow at the NY Times:

Nothing new there, just a rehash of last Spring. But Hey, any genuine interest in Saab is a goof thing.


OK, so this just means we can all enjoy the nice fall weather this weekend and take a ride in our Saabs as we keep calm and carry on.

Just had new front strut inserts and ball joints replaced on my 2000 9-3 this week, so the ol’ girl handles much better after 182,000 miles. Fun drives ahead.


OK…Is SAAB going to resume production yet?? When….??? Just curious…


Sadly that is only one part of the problem, luckily this cash infusion should also help pay for much needed product development. I’m not only talking about future models but just to get the 9-3/900 concept out to auto shows and raise some awareness because this car will make or break the brand. It is my understanding this was supposed to happen at Frankfurt already this year but they ran out of money so maybe the NY Auto Show would be more realistic? I for one am looking forward to seeing and hearing much more from Jason Castroti as he… Read more »


That is indeed the magic question…. isn’t it?

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