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Ever since Saab found hope in China for a lifeline, we’ve been combing the Chinese papers for quotes, stories, and other reportable news. Unfortunately, without knowing the language well, we must rely on the limited translations and translation search engines like google that are available. This often results in less than ideal interpretations at best, and downright misleading news at worst. Sadly, over the past few days, what we’ve heard from major Western reporting agencies seems to be the latter.  Take these reports with a huge grain of salt. Not to say that they are missing translations alone, sometimes they’re just interpreting phrases or dialogue with a completely different lens devoid of context, and thus completely warping someone’s words. As an example of what comes up when we use google to translate an article from Chinese auto insider website auto.soho.com, try to crack the code and “read the tea leaves” so to speak, after the break.

young people = Youngman
General Automotive Group = GM
etc., etc…
[Abstract] Recently, Pang young people for the first time disclosed the acquisition of Saab inside, he said: “The man is to be challenging, not challenging the level of mediocre Yong does not make sense.” Experienced with Huatai Automobile in the “flash from the flash marriage” with suppliers, trade unions and frequent contradictions, though Saab deteriorating business situation was not promising, but still confident young Pang, he said: “They say bankruptcy, as I hurry, but I’m stable, I idea in mind. ” [Pang young for me to talk about the acquisition of Saab insider]
Pang first to talk about youth Saab insider: do not take things
Pang first to talk about youth Saab insider: do not take things (information).

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Source: Beijing reference Author: Wang Yi Lin

Made of rubber from the tire business started to sword and advance automobile industry, to insist on the acquisition of endangered Saab Automobile, China Youngman Automobile Group Chairman of the Board, President of Zhejiang Pang young people have all the qualities: dare, daring, confident . Recently, Pang young people for the first time disclosed the acquisition of Saab inside, he said: “The man is to be challenging, not challenging the level of mediocre Yong does not make sense.”

Attention has long been

“Fifty-six years ago, I began to focus on Saab has. “Pang Young told reporters,” I went to Sweden earlier time than Mr. Li. “June 13, Saab Automobile and large groups, young car sign the Memorandum of Understanding memorandum, the total € 245 million related to equity investments and manufacturing joint venture, comprising strategic alliances and marketing company. Although agreement was reached late, but the youth Saab has long been of concern really.

Cooperation Review: Youth Bureau Sabo Pang’s two cars into a logical reconstruction of joint

Huge pull “youth” occupation Saab to avoid the risk of trying a new model

Saab said it had a large and young people with the formal agreement signed

It is understood that when Saab is also under General Automotive Group, the young people had expressed on the car Saab ‘s interest, however, forced GM has a joint venture project in China, Saab no joint indicators reason, youth and Saab did not to achieve cooperation. 2008 years of financial crisis , Saabmanagement trapped, GM intends to sell, then as the young people who went to Sweden and Pang Saabtalks, but the final GM did not choose young car from China, but the Saab sold to the Dutch sports carmaker Spyker cars. Subsequently, another Chinese car company Beiqi set buy to buy a Saab 9-5 and 9-3platforms, and began plans to develop this platform, BAIC ‘s own brand vehicles. And then the young car, forced to give up again.

Until October 2010, Pang youth in France, the Paris Motor Show encounter Saab car strategy director, then as the Saab was Spyker received, the business situation has not improved sales dismal, and even loans owed ​​suppliers and staff salaries . So from January 2011 onwards, an official with the young car Saab car starts cooperation negotiations. It is reported that negotiations continue until April 30, until the Saab side as the negotiations progress slowly, Chinese demand too much and cause deterioration of the situation in Sweden factory terminated the negotiations, steering touch Huatai Auto, and in just three days after the signing of letter of intent agreement.

It is said that China and Thailand related to the leadership went to the Saab factory in Sweden, saw its operating status after the realized Saab seriousness of the problem, it was decided to stop doing so immediately retreat. But clearly, young car and subsequently joined the large group, do not think so.

I believe Saab potential

“(With Saab ‘s cooperation) bottom my heart, do not take great risks, not sure what I basically do not do it. “Pang says Young. Clearly, the experience with the Huatai Auto “flash marriage flash off”, with suppliers, trade unions and frequent contradictions, though Saab cars deteriorating business situation was not promising, but still confident young Pang, he said : “They say bankruptcy, as I hurry, but I’m stable, I had an idea.”

Full of hope: Pang Young: Saab will not bankrupt the program recently reported the feasibility

Huge budget deficit six young people full of hope for Saab gambling

Pang young stability does manifest: already invested 130 € 00 000 to ease Saab car factory predicament, the youth in the recently passed a car and foreign institutional investors to buy technology in the name, again Saab 7000 cars million euro bridging loan to support, mainly related to Saab ‘s new Phoenix (Phoenix) platform, the engineering models of non-exclusive rights. It is reported that the project received September 19, approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China, 2 in two days, Gothenburg, Sweden, the local court to approve a Saab car and its two subsidiaries of the resources re-apply. So far, Saab pulled back from the brink of bankruptcy, reorganization protection into the stage.

Then cast seventy million: Young Saab cars for 70 million euro investment in place this week

In the smooth entry into the reorganization protection, the Saab is to wait for the instructions of the relevant Chinese government. It is reported that the National Development and Reform Commission in the approval document, the main vehicle for young people involved in content and Saab cars in Sweden for joint R & D projects and the establishment of joint ventures in China, sales companies and other related content. Analysts believe that the Saab automobile accident frequently appears to be out of assets, cash flow difficult to sustain, but it is actually Saab assets, brand and product competitive, therefore, approved the project is not easy, but Pang young people are still confident.

Recently, Swedish media reported that Saab cars for young people are not happy, but intends to seekauspicious collaboration support. The industry believes that Saab after all, not Volvo , even though the cars have the same dream with Mr. Li, Pang optimism of youth, but probably will be classified as blind, andSaab ‘s China trip may also recycled gold misfortune.

22 thoughts on “On Chinese News From Western Reporting Agencies”

  1. “Fifty-six years ago, I began to focus on Saab has. “Pang Young told reporters,”

    This is my quote of the day.

    I also tried to translate some Chinese articles on Saab via Googletrans, and the result was really funny, but even after following the whole Saab affair for more than two years, it was almost impossible to really understand what the article was talking about.

  2. Jeff, I think that you are really wrong here. Do you really think that companies like Bloomberg News and Reuters are using Google Translate? They have local people in all mayor cities all over the world that is helping out with local translation and interpretation. I think that we need to take some of the report with a pinch of salt but if we start to say that the mayor news agencies are not correlating and checking the sources etc. then we are out on deep water!

    • I know it to be true. There are great reporters at Bloomberg like Ola Kinnander, but there are others who have submitted stories which are never approved or published by their English counterparts for good reason. For instance, please find me the actual Bloomberg piece from yesterday that DI and others quoted yesterday.

      • Bloomberg is a news agencies that is delivering articles and materials to other newspapers – many of those articles will never be published by Bloomberg themselves, they are delivered by Bloombergs internal news network to all their customers that are newspapers etc.

      • Jeff, I see your point but to an extent I agree with nickepicke, Bloomberg et al. will have local people fluent in chinese (sorry for the simplification here) as well as english. They will also have local as well as central editors checking the stories. News agencies live on selling stories nut by flogging rubbish. Sometimes those come dangerously close but to be fair I also don’t think they run the local text through Google Translator and then pump out stories left right and center.

      • Sorry, I was more or leas referencing the fact that we never saw Ola Kinnander pick up the snippet from his associate in China. When you don’t even see the most respected Saab reporter referencing articles from within his own organization, you know to be a little more suspicious.

    • I think that we need to take some of the report with a pinch of salt but if we start to say that the mayor news agencies are not correlating and checking the sources etc. then we are out on deep water!

      Would that perhaps be deep salt water?

  3. the article tell us that Mr. Pang Qinnian (Youngman) believe SAAB brand, and will not back down because of the current difficulties

  4. I know this is a very serious subject and serious times for saab, but I just laught my ass of att the translation. hahahahahaha

    It might be time to admit that SAAB is as f***ed as that translation. Very, very sad, it’s like a reality show, i’t just dosn’t wanna end.

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