Trollhättan Saab people featured on SVT Aktuellt tonight.

A whole group of Saab people spoke about the Saab Spirit among them Museum Curator Peter Bäckström.
A really nice here-and-now drop in in Trollhättan taking a litmus test of the spirit.
It seams to be high, lets hope everything squares out at Lawfirm Roschiers tonight in Stockholm.
Featured in Trollhättan was; Oldimers, academic union boss, blue collar worker, Maj at ANA Sales and her boss Joachim.
At the end of the feature a dismal Professor of economics who was full of unnessecary fears…

23 thoughts on “Trollhättan Saab people featured on SVT Aktuellt tonight.”

  1. It seems professors of economics have not been too good the last few years on predicting what has happened in the global economy so that is just one more opinion. 🙂

  2. In the very same program,the Sony Ericsson brake-up got 20 seconds….i wonder what the future in Lund looks like.
    Automotive is still important here.
    Trollhättan/Sweden IS Saab much like Cupertino is Apple (they even look somewhat similar)..take notice Chinese investors =). There might be a few other places around the world,like Stuttgart,but far from every company has that kind of roots nowdays.

  3. I didn’t understand a thing they were saying, but it was very nice to recognize some people at ANA and the SAAB museum who were very helpful and kind during my short stay for the October Fest. Really hope some good news come soon for the sake of us all.

  4. The Professor guy is either a professor in Negativity or just very much wants to be on TV.
    But on the whole the thing on “Aktuellt” is the extreme opposite to what playing on svt’s other news show “Rapport” that more or less paints Muller as a snake (notice the slowmo of him licking his lips) that plunders Saab to found his perverse interest in expensive suits.

    • “There is a risk, if you are successful in a crisis, that people will expect you to resolve every crisis in the future too”… I get nervous in front of a microphone as well, so I can only hope that explains the professor’s rather odd conclusion.

  5. another sleepless night tonight wondering what tomorrow will bring. As I drove my wife’s Aero home tonight i reflected on the story of Saab and just began to feel so alive, so proud…. this cannot be our last Saab.

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