Saab 9-5 named Car of the Year in Singapore

Trollhättan, Sweden: The Saab 9-5 Sedan 2.8V6 Turbo has been named Car of the Year in Singapore by a prestigious Consumer Guide, published by Wheels Asia. The annual ”Car Buyer’s Guide 2011/2012” ranks all models on sale in Singapore, and the Saab 9-5 was favorably compared with the Audi A6 and BMW 535i in the Executive Sedan class.

– We are very happy, says Jonas Hernqvist, Regional Manager for the Asian markets. The markets in Asia are demanding and Singapore especially so, since it so restrictive when it comes to car imports. Therefore it is particularly gratifying and encouraging that the Saab 9-5 is honored in this way.

Saab Press Release October 7th 2011

17 thoughts on “Saab 9-5 named Car of the Year in Singapore”

    • Patrik B: There is a difference between the company and its products. There are still car people reading about cars and not the economy pages from the papers…

    • Yes good news but the press release and particularly the quote is absolutely appalling! Whoever wrote it needs to go on a writing course….

      • Are you a lingvstic professor or something like that?
        Just curious, because you seem to make that remark at all press releases lately

  1. Congratulations to Saab!

    This shows how big potential Saab has in Asia 🙂

    Lets close the deal with any Chinese company now so that the factory can be restarted 🙂

  2. So good on the highly competitive Singapore market, this is so good. Just hope that there are plenty of cars in stock to sell.

  3. Excellent news! If only the economic state of Saab would be secured, I’m sure we would see many more 9-5s on the road!

    Interestingly, I saw a black 9-5 Aero6 parked outside my building yesterday behind an Audi R8, and I noticed the man in front of me was turning his head to keep looking at the 9-5 as he walked by and not casting a second glance at the R8! I just can’t get over how great it looks!

  4. The Saab 9-5 in Singapore probably costs the same as an Aston Martin in the UK. An Aston Martin in Singapore probably costs the same as a Boeing 747! Ok, not quite.

    The dealer there (Trans Eurokars) is supposed to be good.

    • The page gives a starting price of 186,888 Singapore Dollars for the 9-5. This equals € 107,000 or USD 145,000… I think no other country is more expensive in cars…

      • The U.S. price for a loaded Aero V6 doesn’t sound that bad now, eh?
        I also keep hearing it’s a bargain compared to some German vehicles that everyone has got these days.
        Not to mention winter is coming…

  5. Congratulations, i am really very pleased to note that the 9-5 has clinched this prestigious award in Singapore. I hail from Singapore and am ecstatic to note that it has got it despite the current situation that it is facing and how popular the German marques are in Singapore. Keep the flag flying high!

    On another note, it is true that the cars here are insanely priced here .

    Just FYI – All prices quoted in SGD$ (All prices quoted are correct as at 8th Oct, 2011)

    Run of the mill TOYOTA COROLLA 1.6 – $102,888
    Mercedes E200 CGI – $235,000
    BMW 523i F10 – $240,000
    SAAB 9-5 2.0T VECTOR – $209,888

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