Saab of North Olmstead Launches Contest This Weekend

We covered this last week when the initial details were published, and now as promised we have concrete information on how locals in Cleveland can get involved. If you or your family or friends live there, I highly suggest you sign up right away to participate in the promotion by clicking here.

It’s pretty simple, you sign up, you get a Saab to drive on Sunday, put up to 350 miles on it during the week ($1/mile if they go over), and then promote the hell out of the car and your own microsite to promote your point total. There’s two QR codes, one inside one out, that you can scan with most smartphones (I use the I-nigma app), and get as many other people to scan your codes and take pictures of you/etc. and post on your microsite. There’s also sponsors like Dunkin Donuts to check in to and boost your point total and further promote Saab. The top 6 point winners each week from the first round make it to the semis, then they’re whittled down to 5 after two days of intense lobbying on their friends’ Facebook walls surely. Those 5 pick a key fob, one of which will be the winner that will help them unlock their very own Saab valued up to $50,000.

This whole thing is not just cool, it should get a ton of press, and helps to make Saab not only more visible but aligns it very closely with new and upcoming technology. And it always helps to give away free stuff to get people excited. Speaking of which, just for participating in the contest, you’re entitled to a discount off a new Saab. That goes even if you just scan the QR code off the side of one at the supermarket or Dunkin Donuts. We’ll be covering the microsites as they go live, they’re bound to provide tons of fun Saab content 🙂

2 thoughts on “Saab of North Olmstead Launches Contest This Weekend”

  1. Very smart! This is one of the many ways that I’ve seen Saab marketed on local levels, so what else can be done?

    Launching a massive image advertising campaign would be great and I’m all for it once we get to the point where we can afford it. In the meantime, as mentioned above, I have to ask myself….”what can I do to help myself, my dealership and Saab?” In case you’re wondering, I’m just one humble Saab sales consultant (and one big fan) who spent most of my career in Social Work who’s also pretty clueless about how to use social media professionally.

    As evidenced by “Saabs United” and other forums, we have a really smart following. There’s certainly a wealth of information and interesting discussion around things we really don’t have control over which leads to the question…what can we control? What can we do individually and collectively to help Saab on a local/grassroots level (that doesn’t cost a lot)? How about putting all of our brainpower to work to come up with concrete activities…any good ways to use you tube? Facebook? Twitter? (am I forgetting anything?) Again, forgive my ignorance, just hoping for some ideas and inspiration! In the meantime, much like my fellow dealers, we’ll continue to target our local customer base relying on our ever so passionate following to keep us afloat.

    • That will be our first priority when Saab emerges from a this mess. We will be launching our biggest effort yet at trying to get out the message that Saabs are survivors.

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