Saab sales data September 2011

On August first I wrote a post about Saab sales during the last five month of the year, I called that post, August: point of inflexion in sales?. The question mark was put on purpose, as I was hopping for the best but was prepared for the worst.

All my assumptions for the September have been right, The US and the UK have done better in September than in August and Sweden seems to have stabilized at a very low level, although they have done better than in August.

Last month Saab sold 734 cars in the markets we are able to monitor, in September the top three markets (SWE, US, UK) managed to sell 788 cars, and if we add the figures of the middle-sized markets we reach a value of about 970 cars.920 cars, and although some markets are still missing, I don’t think that Saab will be able to reach the 950 cars in September.

  • US 429 units
  • Sweden 87 units
  • UK 272 units

Too bad my further assumptions (factory re-start at the beginning of October) won’t become reality, but we can’t change the reality, although sometimes we would love to change the future.

Saab has already managed to sell/register more or less 18.000 units this year, the US has still lots of cars on stock to sell, and I think the UK and Sweden do also have some cars on stock, don’t know about the rest of the markets. So if Saab manages to stabilize at a rate of 500 cars per month Saab will be able to register/sell 20.000 units in 2011.

I know this is a very tiny number, but Saab this year only produced cars for three months in their main factory in Trollhättan, and most of the markets have problems delivering the cars people want, and the trust on the brand among non-Saab-nuts must be at an historical low, so there are enough reasons to assume that this value could have been even lower.

From what I hear from dealers and from people at the SU Octoberfest, there is still a market for Saab, many people are still willing to buy a Saab.

Now it’s time to wait.

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I saw no new stock at my local dealer when my car went in for its MOT recently….

Assuming Saab successfully exits reconstruction and begins to fluorish, the relative scarcity of 2009-2011 cars will have a positive effect on resale values, as demand will outstrip supply.


Picking up an old thread here but regarding the Saab UK wheel and tyre packages. As expected they are on the high side but Saab seem to have gone for the Federal Himalaya WS2 as their tyre of choice with the package. Also glad to hear my dealer has decided to stay with Saab for service and parts even if the worst happens.


hmmm, 3 months x 20,000 units = 80,000= profitability. What a shame, we were so close.


zippy is sad and Saabless. Am moving to a different country and had to sell him. I only hope his next owner loves him as much as I did. Having said that Im not gonna be Saabless for too long.

Saab Up!! :S


I know focus is elsewhere nowadays. Anyhow, Ive been collecting sales numbers. Have reached 950.
Missing Spain, Austria and the Netherlands whos numbers should be out by now.

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