Saab vs Volvo Tour in Belgium

I have decided to reload this entry for those who may have missed it.

On the 30th of October Nicolas & Ellen are organising the ‘Saab vs Volvo Tour’ in Belgium.
You can find more info in French on THIS page.

It is already quite “international” as we have already participants from Holland and France, and maybe also Germany and Switzerland. 

A quick google translation is


On Sunday, October 30th we invite Saab and Volvo drivers for an appointment at one of the largest automobile museums in the world: Mahymobiles in Leuze-en-Hainaut. Then our Swedish cars will be guided through beautiful country roads of Hainaut and the Pays des Collines, where at noon we will take a meal together. Afternoon we continue our journey through the Flemish Ardennes region and Zwalm, and we close our day with a drink in Oudenaarde.


10:00-11:30 Meeting, breakfast and tour of the museum Mahymobiles, Rue Erna 3, 7900 Leuze-en-Hainaut.
11:30-12:30 1st part of the tour through the Country of Hainaut and Pays des Collines.
12:30-15:00 Aperitif, barbecue and desserts at will to farm FOURQUEPIRE, Route de FOURQUEPIRE 28, 7890 Ellezelles.
15:00-17:00 Part 2 of the tour through the Pays des Collines, the Flemish Ardennes region and Zwalm.
17:00 – End of day “De Witte Hoeve” Materplein 4, 9700 Mater – Oudenaarde.


To register please phone Nicolas on +32 486 712273.

Belgium Saab Club members receive a discount of € 5 and € 28/personne pay, children under 12 years € 23.
For that price you get: A roadbook ◦
◦ Breakfast
◦ Ticket for admission to the museum Mahymobiles
◦ aperitif, dessert and BBQ will
◦ A plaque rally for the first 50 Join

If you have questions or suggestions please send an email to or call nicolas.demuynck @ on No. 0486/71.22.73

This is an organization of the Saab Club Belgium, but is open to every driver Saab or Volvo, it is a club member or not.

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