Saabs on The Summit Take Two

Many of you will recall the great video and photos from last year’s climb of Mt. Washington, Saabs on the Summit. I’m pleased to report that the same group led by organizer Luke Lewis participated on the second annual event this year. He invited people mostly through Facebook and had an incredible turnout. Click past the break to see more photos and his report of the experience. If you’re interested in joining similar events, or you’re organizing one yourself, let us know so we can advertise it for you!

In September of 2010, I brought my1999 OG 9-3 in to ConnTech SAAB in Rhode Island for an engine overhaul, as I was approaching 250K.  My car was there for a couple of weeks and in that time, I added a couple of performance parts to it and chose to show it off at a Swedish Car Show in Connecticut on an October Sunday.  About a week before the show, the date was moved to the Saturday just before the show and I was not able to get the day out of work, given my type of job.  I then decided to take the car up Mount Washington, like I did every year prior to that BUT this time I was going to do something a bit different.  I went on all of the SAAB Forums, wrote SWADE and created a Facebook event for the ride.  I ended up with about 8-11 cars, all from the New Enlgand states and one car from upstate New York.  It was a most awesome experience and with the help of Jim Coggs, who convinced me to do it the following year, I decided to do it again.  

Sunday, October 09, 2011 ::  The SAABs hit the Summit yet again.  This time, it was done entirely through a Facebook invite, as the list of SAABers has grown extremely large.We met at the same two locations as last year, right off the Interstates and congregated at the parking lot across from the Mountain Road at about 12:00pm ET.  We got in line and journied our ways up the 8-mile Mountain Road.  All-in-all we had roughly 26 people and 15 SAABs in our group.  SAABs as far West as Ohio, as far South as Pennsylvania and as far North as Maine.  Cars ranged from as new as the new 9-5Aero, as old as the 1997 9000, two Turbo-X’s, two Viggens, one 2006 9-3SS, my 1999 OG, and a “boat load” of first generation 9-5’s.  (We did see one C900 SPG on the Moutain, parked, as well as a C900 ‘vert climbing the mountain on our descent.  This was indeed a great day!.  The weather, yet again, cooperated with us.  I am not sure how many are familiar with Mount Washington, BUT its weather conditions vary by the minute and it usually is not in our favor.  The Summit was windy; however, visibility was hundreds of miles and the temperature stayed around low to mid 50’sF.  Our group picture once again included the Viggen Rim, from my hatch, with the SAVE SAAB decal on it, as used from last year.  And our infamous VW Vanagon friend was also there – this time in a much better mood than last year.

Once we reached the base of the Mountain, we parked in the dirt lot and took another group photo by our cars.  We then journied off to Bretton Woods, NH for food at Fabyan’s, a local restaraunt in the White Mountain area of New Hampshire.

I wanted to thank everyone that came out this year for the trip.  You guys are the reason this trip happened again this year and will happen again in the future.

Cheers! -Luke D. Lewis

4 thoughts on “Saabs on The Summit Take Two”

  1. Sounds fun!

    Crew: I’ve tried emailing you on several occasions, but I’ve received no acknowledgement of you ever receiving them, but Mitchell Saab is having their annual Swedish Beauty Contest on October 15.

    It’s the first thing you see when you visit

  2. I was part of the first Saabs on the Summit 2011 but had other obligations this year. Looks like I missed a great day with that fun group of Saabers. I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the hundreds of pictures the folks took on Facebook. What a spectacular day you had to take in the fall colors. For those of you who don’t know, the top of Mt. Washington is cloud covered about 80% of the time and usually close to freezing this time of year. So what’s a little hurricane force wind to have that kind of unlimited view during peak foliage season!

  3. Oh I wanted to go again this year so badly but I couldn’t! I’m glad you got great weather again and an even better turn out! Next year, count me in again!

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