Stenczel Kiss passes away.

Dear Friends,

today I found out that good friend from us died. His name was Stenczel Kiss but we all called him Georg. He was trainer for all Polar Mobil (CEE Saab importer) management. He train us to be best of the best in promoting Saab and it was not just part of his job but he really loved brand Saab an> always tried to pull out from us max. He was not only my trainer but also good Friend to all of us and kind of mentor to all Saab CEE management. Today Saab lost great promoter but I have lost good friend and there is nothing what can compensate him. I know there is lot of bad news in last days but Georg was one of positive things that I loved with Saab and always with happy face coming to learn more from him. I would appreciated lot if you make one sentence with picture about him as this is smallest we all from CEE can do for this great man.

Best regards,

Daniel Trojak, BDM for Adriatic Region

Marek Šafarčík BDM,Česká a Slovenská republika
Marcin Posłuszny,Dyrektor Operacyjny,SAAB – Polar Import Polska

Tiberiu Ioanovici, BDM Romania market

6 thoughts on “Stenczel Kiss passes away.”

  1. No pain is bigger, as to remember days of happiness in days of sadness

    Dear Georg you will not be forgoten that is firm promise. See you in better place, your friend Daniel.

  2. I never knew the man, but any friend of the Saab community is a friend of mine. My thoughts are with the family, near and far who are saddened by the loss.

  3. Rest in peace, Georg. You may have helped in getting my SAAB across in the showroom in Bucharest, Romania.
    My thoughts are with his family and friends in grief about the loss. What a terrible shock – he looks so young and energetic.

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