Swedish SVT and TV4 coverage of Saab tonight

Aktuellt at 21:00 gave a very shallow news brief on the Saab situation. The killing of Gadaffi just takes the whole energy potential within Swedish media today.

TV4 our largest TV network had a longer and more detailed reporting on Saab in their 22:00 Economic News.
Interesting to hear that TV4 claims that the chinese investors where willing to invest 5.5 Billion SEK into the company, but was turned down by SWAN. Lars Carlström claims that the “hidden agenda” is to get Victor Muller (and indirectly Vladimir Antonov I guess) out of the picture.

For those of You who understand Swedish here is a iPhone movie of the TV4 news.


20 thoughts on “Swedish SVT and TV4 coverage of Saab tonight”

  1. And of course the sidekick Lars Carlström blame it on Lofalk… It is time to see that the time for VM is over… He did save SAAB but he has to let it go now…

  2. At this stage, can one not assume that the Chinese had a plan to get SAAB into a position at which they totally must rely on money from them. They could then drag their feet up until a new reconstruction phase began and then move in and pick up the pieces – without Muller – but with the brand still “intact”. Muller probably tried to negotiate a finder’s fee but the Chinese wouldn’t have it, after all why should they?

  3. Wow..so there are still hope..kinda?!. But to be honest, is it as simple as letting VM and SWAN out,? How ?They have made all the contracts with GM etc, What kind of Saab does a 100% chinese owner get ?
    Very complex i guess?

      • Yes,but Geely bought it in the first place. They signed all the deals with Volvo and Ford. What kind of contract is Youngmang/PangDa getting. The right to produce the 9-4X ? How about 9-5 etc..ther are zillions of agreements with GM-SWAN ranging from IT to suppliers.

        • Or i might be wrong on this one, the deals might have been under the Saab brand itself and not SWAN. In that case i guess it makes it a bit easier…but still…

  4. If the Chinese offered to put in 5,5 BSEK and Muller turned it down we now all know Muller’s expressed love of SAAB was not worth much (something I have been sure of for quite some time).

    • Once again, you’re not getting all the facts, and as much as we’d love to give them to you, we’re not allowed to say. Suffice it to say Victor has been making all the right decisions in the interest of Saab, Trollhattan, and Swedish industrial capacity.

      • I believe that you have more of agenda to trash talk Victor than Victor has to destroy Saab. I also just browsed through your multiple comments from your IP and noticed every single one of them wanted to promote your own contrived conspiracy theories. This is a warning, keep it up and you won’t be commenting here much longer. You’re not really adding anything to the dialogue but unneeded stress.

  5. I think the claim of 5,5 BSEK must be wrong. Why on earth wouldn’t Müller accept that? It’ll cover his investments and he wouldn’t have to work 24/7 travelling around the world.

    If there’s something I believe in, it’s this SvD article. Saab goes bankrupt, but is taken over immediately by the Chinese and the Swedish govt., which of course sells its part to Youngman/Pang-da. Saab is saved but Müller loses a bucketload of money.


    • It has been reported that a “dead Saab” makes all the contracts with the other Swedish Saab-company void and the logo etc,so that is playing at very high stake if they want to keep the European premium name.

      Also, i think it is a bit too optimistic to buy assets like this. Even if i would get the source code for twitter but without the property db and the load balancer i would have a very hard time to try to replicate the architecture of Twitter. I mean BAIC was waay to optimistc of getting the OG 9-5 out on the roids in china.

      They have to act extremly quick,if even possible.

      • You are right, the 5.5B is for operating of SAAB.
        I read some chinese news said that the money Y/Pa pay for the take over is symbolic $1. No wonder VM doesn’t want to do that. He and SWAN get nothing.

  6. What do I know but to think that VM should give up Saab (without taking the company in the grave) when he loose
    money if he´s not a part owner is not likely. So I think that VM takes Saab into the grave, he can save it by stepping aside, but he will go on till somebody force him away. Actually that is proberbly the best if “we” want to se Saab in the future and with a strong owner, he must leave. Why! He has no money on his own, and he can´t borrow money forever. Some day he must pay it back. He is a problem even if he bought Saab (with his sharp toung for pocket money). Lofalk actually trying to save Saab and the Chinese can do that but VM don´t want to go empty handed which is logic. So the question is, does he take Saab into the grave with him?

    If I upset somebody, fine but to put Victor on a pedistal forever does not save our beloved brand. Money talks bigger than Victors mouth. Hopefully I´m wrong and Saab survive.

    I will drive my newly bought 9-3 SC Vector -08 with pride till I can afford a new one hopefully, It´s up to Viktors good will with Saab. Does he care enough to leave it even if he´s privat economy is at risk?!

    But what do I know, after all this is just emotions, my emotions with allmost no facts.

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