THN update 00:11 AM October Fest Saturday

Pre-Party is just about over and I just about to hit the sack after a great Saab day in ny birth-town Trollhättan.
Started off the weekend in grand Saab style by buying a Saab 9-5 Aero here is the clip from the dealer just north of Göteborg some 40 min south of Trollhättan.
All the bells and whistles!

After that on to ANA Trollhättan to get a Hirsch Quad pipe system on the car.
Here is the police car that was in the same building and also a movie sequence of when I passed it on the freeway down to Trollhättan thursday night.

At 3:30 A; I got hungry realizing I had missed out on lunch I stopped by a significant place to get a bite.

Now I have to sleep. In 7 hours we start with the striping av the 9-5 with great help and support of Donna Coupe and Abshot Signs Graphics UK who are here to support us. Thanks You.
Good night lets hope for a super day tomorrow/today around the globe!

3 thoughts on “THN update 00:11 AM October Fest Saturday”

  1. You got your 9-5, congrats. Love it, please anyone driving the roads in Sweden if you see this car parked with someone in the back watching video’s, stop and knock on the window and let the occupant know that he has somewhere to be.

  2. Wait ’till the Polis get the 9-5 Combi! Yesterday I commented on the great food at the Swania. Today I also grabbed a big bite during the 2007 Festival at this awesome eatery. what was hilarious was me requesting my choice in my blend of Arabic and Swedish. I always have fun abroad requesting stuff in the local tongue.

    The weather also looks very decent for October.

  3. At first I thought “well that’s a pretty daring move – overtaking the police while filming!” but then I realised that the car in question isn’t really commissioned for police use yet… 🙂

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