Trued´s NG 9-5 Aero – First impressions & THN views

Well it was bound to happen a NG 9-5. First time I saw one was after having led one of the convoys to Trollhättan one wintry day at the SaveSaab happening in 2010.

Still remember how graceful I thought the body was. So more or less I started to plan for the TurboX SC replacement. Earlier in the spring of this year I had a tentative order of an AERO. But due to circumstances that order was postponed. The idea was to have NG 9-5 with the SUHRT events in the summertime eg. The Midnaight Sun Historic Rally. But because of the temporarily shutdown of the factory the planned cars would not have had been delivered.

So I regained faith in Saab and having driven all engine alternatives I was ready to take the step to the best car Saab ever has made. First I started to look into the Saab Sweden “warehouse” zero milage cars that Saab has in Trollhättan and at dealers around Sweden. I had fallen for the Carbongrey metallic paintwork and Aero line of course. So I started to search the web in my quest for a suitable Saab 9-5 Sedan, I have never owned a Saab sedan. Just “practical” cars. Last sedan was a Lancia Prisma 1600 -1986. Knowing that I occasionally haul 99 B-engines in the cavernous TurboX could this be an issue??? But I guess a 9-5 sedan will take care of 98% of my transport needs ant that is in grand style.

Then a used Aero 6 speed manual 220bhp was found just south of Trollhättan. This was it. With Parchment Beige leather interior, something I never have had, I have always been sitting in dark coal-boxes in the blackness. To my big surprise the interior made the car to feel much more luxurious and bespoke. Satisfied that the car basically had all the bells and whistles. The car has chassis number 175 and was originally used by the Saab Factory who put some 7000 Km on it.

On the very first drive (Friday morning the day before the October Fest) I felt like a million dollar driver and kept thinking do I really deserve all of this luxury. Pilot Head-up display, CIS Controlled chassis, Navigation, Harman-Kardon stereo, DAB-Radio, Rear Entertainment and climate package, Advanced Parking assist, Lane departure warning, Traffic sign camera recognition, 19 inch Turbine wheels, Adaptive and cornering lights, U-rails, guess I have missed something. This was almost mind-blowing. Saab has made a real limousine. a car that beats the rivals in driving and on par with luxury.

What a magnificent car to drive. Puts the 9-3 and old 9-5 miles, if not lightyears behind. This car is so solid. Anyone who has a chance should drive one for an hour or so and compare to other cars. This first drive of the AERO from the dealer the 45 minutes to Trollhättan ended with a photo session in my dear Saab city. There are great places to take photos of a Saab near the rapids, locks and power stations. But that was after having had a Hirsch Quadpipe and an 260 bhp 400 Nm upgrade.

Picture gallery shows the car at the hot-dog stand now kebab near Erik Carlsson´s ex-gas station near the roundabout with his name. At the Saab Car museum. On the bridge over the rapids. Down at the locks. Outside Swania hotel and finally at the Viggen Rest area near the F7 AFB Såtenäs the present AF home of the 39 Gripen Center.
The pictures are taken with a SONY NEX-5 camera with standard zoom lens.
What about the blue and yellow stripes/thunderbolts?? One might ask.
The are prototype stuff by SUHRT sponsor Abshot Signs in the UK. The design is a remake/redesign of the thunderbolt the Saab team had on their cars in the mid 1970 ies. I redesigned them with some help of Ola Granlund ex-designer at the Saab Automobile Design department.
Through Abshot Signs we plan to sell this thunderbolt to all present Saab models 9-3 sedan and SC as well as the 9-5 and 9-4X.
Great way of showing the Saab Spirit and some Swedish national pride!

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What no pics of the interior………


Very nice car, I am usually not a fan of grey/black/white coloured cars but this one looks stunning! 🙂

Interior pictures would be nice to see, but there is already a 56k-warning for this post. 😉

w3c validator

What a beautiful car. I totally envy you as you have the possibility to buy it. My financial situation makes it impossible, but if it was I would also be driving around in NG 9-5, but then a Fjord blue.. 😉


Yes Fjord Blue is my favorite colour too .Mr K.Simonsson told me in Geneva that there would be new colours available in a near future


Yes you can be proud of your 9.5 .She’s so beautiful !!
Congratulations !!

Doctor Donk

It has hirsch exhaust, can you describe how it feels comparing to stock? Are there more noise at idle and while driving slowly or on cruise control.


Beautiful car and beautiful photos…. BUT, the SUHRT stickers have to go I’m afraid. I’m sorry to criticise, but they just do not look good on the car.

The Hirsch badge looks lovely at the rear…. perhaps you could make yourself a miniature SUHRT Chome badge that match the other ones on the car? Perhaps a small one on the rear, and another small one on the front grille?

Just a thought.

Anyway…. Congratulations on your lovely purchase 🙂


Oh…. and the quad pipes are SUPER sexy!


I agree about the SUHRT stickers. They just look… out of place on the car. Same with the stripe. Oh well, as long as you like it!


Very handsome car.Job well done.(Ex 2009 SAAB 9.3 XWD). Now 2011 Audi A4 (8 speed Auto transmission).


I really have to chuckle when I read these remarks made in almost every review posted on Saabs United of the NG 9-5 about how superior it is to the old 9-5 and current 9-3.A remarkable acheivement! It trumps the First Gen 9-5,intoduced in 1997 and virtually unchanged for 13 years and the non-competing 9-3 first introduced in fall of 2002! This is like having a Steak at Peter Lugers in N.Y.C and remarking that it is infinitely better than your last Outback Steakhouse meal!


Did you miss this part on purpose? 😉

Saab has made a real limousine. a car that beats the rivals in driving and on par with luxury.


Wait, wait… Are you selling your Turbo X?


What about the engine upgrade? I have driven the 220hp quite a lot of times but never witht he upgrade. Is it a big difference?


Beautiful car. Exactly the 9-5 I should get as well, if I could.
I drove a similar TID this summer,
…and I was amazed how well the car drives, and Trued’s should even be better with the HiPer struts…
Now, what happened with the turboX SC?

North Toronto Punter

The Turbo X (that one and mine [sedan]) are about to undergo ‘SUHRT Treatment’, courtesy of Donna C at Abshot…[think of the Black 99 CC replica driven by Jorgen and Bo in the Midnight Summer Rally] Stay tuned :). As regards Jorgen’s 9-5: I drove shotgun before and after the Hirsch upgrade (the engine part…I didn’t get a chance to experience the stock exhaust as he had that sorted before I arrived in Trollhattan!). It is indeed how the car should have left the factory– and I would think with XWD, even more so. For the eagle-eyed: Jorgen chose to… Read more »


Mmh, a Turbo4 isn’t it?
But… is it a small deer head that I see beside 9-5 Logo?
So it’s something more than a Turbo4! 😉

(My deer head is near the Turbo4 logo instead!) 😀

Roberto G

In the US does GM dealer takes care replacing the seatbelt piece that is in the recall program?

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