OFF-TOPIC: 22 Saabs sold to Switzerland today

Delivery is not yet set for the 22 Saab 39 Gripen planes that will be part of the Swiss Air Force.

Great for Sweden and the Saab brand. Will Hirsch make a fighter Saab now?

Here is Saab AB´s press release

The Swiss government has decided to select Gripen as its future multirole fighter aircraft for the Swiss Air Force.

Given that Switzerland is known globally for applying highest procurement standards and requesting state-of-the art technologies, Saab is both proud and delighted that Gripen has been chosen as the Swiss Air Force’s future multirole fighter aircraft.

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Teknikens Världs interview with Victor

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right moment. And this has been the case for Erik Gustaffsson, a reporter from Teknikens Värld.

He was at the Heathrow Airport in London where he met Victor Muller. This is the short interview.

Exclusive interview: Muller does not believe in the Chinese

Victor Muller doubts that GM will ever accept a Chinese Saab business. According to him, Youngman, Pang Da and Guy Lofalk sabotaged the whole business when they went from the original plan. It says Muller in an exclusive interview with the Teknikens Värld.

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The engine that might be

The current TTiD engine used in the Saab 9-5 was/is (from my POV) a little bit of a take it or leave it case. After all, Saab was in need of a more powerful engine than the 160hp TiD engine after GM cancelled the Diesel V6.

My own Djup Strupe told me back then that it was strange that Saab was offering that engine as Opel would wait at least one more year for it. The reason was not that the engine wasn’t ready for the market, but the guys at Opel thought that the TiD160 and the TtiD190 had too similar power values and torque values (350/380 vs. 400).

I have never driven a 9-5 Diesel, so I can’t tell if there is a big or small difference between both, but at least until now Saab was the only brand using that engine. Perhaps this was also a (the) reason why there was no automatic available.

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Press Release: Saab GB Files For Administration

Trollhättan, Sweden: Swedish Automobile N.V. (Swan) and Saab Automobile AB (Saab Automobile) announce that Saab Great Britain Ltd (Saab GB) filed for administration with the High Court in London today.

The board of Saab GB is of the opinion that administration gives the company and creditors the necessary legal protection until the required funding for the company has been secured. The appointment of the administrator is effected by the directors of Saab GB. Once appointed, the administrator will take on the management powers of the directors.

Swan received a conditional funding commitment from Youngman for the payment of the wages of the employees of Saab Automobile and for the continuation of the activities of Saab GB. Saab Automobile and Saab GB have not yet received this funding.

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Spanish Dealer Tour – Girona

As we mentioned before the Spanish dealer tour is underway at the moment. Today we got some pics from the first day at Scandiauto in Girona (thanks Irene!). We were told that about 30 very interested customers attended the event. Two local newspapers showed up, took picures of the cars and made an interview to Manuel Alcázar, the country director of Saab Spain. Both are planning a special reportage about Saab and those two cars.

There may be some who say that 30 people is not much and under normal circumstances I might agree. But what I learned from talks with the Saab Germany guys is that almost all of the people who showed up at those events were highly interested in the cars. Even on events like in Munich, at noon, with no special invitations some 30 people showed up and wanted to experience the product. At least here in Germany we’d expect that interest to lead to real sales as soon as a production start is in sight.

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Neo Brothers – Weekly Special On NEW Genuine Saab 9000 Aero Turbocharger

Hi All,

This week we are offering BRAND NEW Genuine Saab 9149634 Turbochargers at a discounted rate!

These will fit:

Saab 9000 1994-1998 – All Aero Models





RETAIL PRICE – £390.00 inc vat

SaabsUnited Member Price – £354.00 inc vat

In order to take full advantage of this discount please email [email protected] quoting the discount code SU-WS2, or call us on the below number.

+44 (0) 1992 719280

Please note this offer ends on the 2nd December.

Neo Brothers

Hirsch Performance Leather Interior For The 9-5 – Re-Posted

When I posted this article two particular questions came up. So I went to clarify them and decided to re-post the article.

1. Why is the kit not available for RHD?
As sad as it is, this is related to the lack of production at Saab. Of course it can be made for RHD, too, but this will only happen if Trollhättan really starts to make cars again. At the current state the expected sales just can’t justify the tooling costs.

2. How durable is that heavy duty adhesive tape?
The parts in the white 9-5 Hirsch Performance prototype have been affixed with that tape over a year ago. One winter and one summer have caused absolutely no problems. The manufacturer states that it is good for 300+° F, which should be enough for a car interior. Additionally, the fact that other manufacturers use this tape to mount spoilers speaks for itself I think.

Some of you have already spotted it on the Hirsch Performance site – the leather interior upgrades for the 9-5 are now available. The kit contains a cover for the light switch panel, centre stack and and gear lever cover.

I am a huge fan of the leather interior parts Hirsch offers. I installed them on both 9-3s we have and they make such a huge difference. The parts for the 9-5 are no exception – I’ve followed the development process a bit and got to see the final parts on my last visit to St Gallen a few weeks ago. One of the most astonoshing things to me is that they manage to upholster the parts with carbon leather without distorting the structure. A really fine piece of craftsmanship.

While the leather interior parts for the 9-3 replace the standard parts, the covers for the 9-5 are affixed on the original panels using a special heavy duty adhesive tape. Other car manufacturers for example use that tape to mount spoiler parts. The reason for that approach lies in the fact that all switches in the centre console are screwed. So it would take a huge amount of working time to loose and tighten that screws when replacing, let alone getting all switches back to the right position.

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What Goes Into A Trade In

While we are in the midst of a quite weekend with not much being said about what is happening with Saab, now seems to be a good time to bring up trade-ins or used cars. I’ve written a little about the safety of Saab’s and the exceptional value of a used Saab and to add to those two, I think it’s best we know a little about what goes into those traded in Saab’s and why I feel there is great value in used Saab’s.

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