9-5 Wagon visits Humberside Saab

We received a very nice email from Stephen Smith of Humberside Saab over the weekend.

We had the 9-5 estate at our dealerships and what a fantastic reaction we got from all who saw the car. I have enclosed the pics which show the car off well. Mark Kendall our top master tech is pictured in one picture who has been with us since he was 16!
Enjoy the pictures, Regards, Stephen Smith.

Stephen also sent in a few photos of a customer Saab New 9-5 that had received the full Hirsch upgrade on his 9-5 Aero V6 , skirts front and rear spoilers and performance upgrade. They are having a Hirsch offer running at the minute. Please feel free to make contact if you live in the area.

I added a few pictures to flickr at

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It sure has a rugged look about it. Individualistic. Chalk one up for the bulldog breed. The Saab SUV edges it out though.

Moody Saaber

The SportWagon photo is in need of of a better background, not one littered with distracting junk. Between the lettering on the car and the unattractive background, I don’t know if I like the car or not.


Use your Tunnel vision…..

Moody Saaber

As much as I love Saabs, tunnel vision only seems to work on women. So I guess attraction to women trumps Saabs.

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