Antonov´s SNORAS bank gets state control

Somewhat disturbing news this morning. The lithuanian bank SNORAS owned to approx. 67% of Vladimir Antonov is being legally controlled by the countrys government.
According to Bloomberg Businessweek here is the link:
You might remember SNORAS was a big sponsor for the SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team last year

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    • Vladimir Antonov, a Russian banker, is the major shareholder of the Moscow-based Convers bank group, which owns a controlling interest in the Lithuanian bank Bankas Snoras. Snoras, in turn, controls a number of other banking institutions in the Baltic region, as listed in the linked article in Business Week.


  1. .
    Seems this topic is being discussed off topic, in ”Around Saab Snippets”.

    My only comment ob this subject, is:All the no,not AV campainiers will now be saying ”Told you so”……………..

  2. I wish they would report with equal zeal on companies like Koenigsegg to perhaps stir some of those embers. Yes, that is what I really would like to see. A Swedish car, made in Sweden, designed and built by Swedes with the profits coming back to Stockholm.

    It’s like with food. If I want good Italian, I go to an Italian restaurant run by folks from Italy.

    How about reporting on some of the other potential suitors, or is this a one-way-street where all thing lead to Vladimir?

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