Attention NG 9-5 owners software update

I have My 9-5 at my dealer Svenska Bil to have a removable Tow-hitch installed and some minor service. My technician called me and told me that they had recieved a software update from Saab that resolves the issues that some owners have experienced with the Steering-wheel lock and start button.
So head over to your dealer, why not since You are at the dealer, give the car and yourself an early X-mas gift. Why not something Hirsch. Tuning upgrade or why not The New leather dash and aluminium pedals.
Just lets hope Saab in the future as a premium brand would contact all owners directly and offer time/appointments for service announcements, updates etc.

19 thoughts on “Attention NG 9-5 owners software update”

  1. As of right now, US dealers have no information about this. I’m not sure I’ve even run across the issue you described (steering lock and start button).

    • First of all, sorry for my English.
      After four Saab cars since 1997. I bought my 9-5 in July 2010 the second one in Alicante(Spain), the car arrived from factory in No. 2010. Now I have 30,000 Km. My 9-5 works fine, but it had been in the ”Garantie hospital” twice. the first one because a turbo valvule was broken, she had been replace in a MONTH. The second one is that the car start when it wants, after 12 months looking for the solution, my mechanical manager and me discovered that the problem is about the Lock Direction, so in this week the SCL is been changed by a new SCL.

  2. I just got my software update but also had to replace the complete steering lock! Fortunately everything under guarantee. Now i have engine problems (acceleration issue). My car is only 8 months old!

    • The necessary action depends on the DTC’s stored in the system.

      If you face loss of power, contact your dealer immediatly and have it sorted out.

  3. I’ve received an update for my 9-5 yesterday at my home dealer Hirsch. At least it solved the issiue with the change back to normal wintertime from sommertime which did not work so far. And I did took the change to get a small upgrade from Hirsch at the same time: a new carbon leather board – recommendable!

  4. I had the steering column locked error once, when the car was only a couple of weeks old. I just locked the car and unlocked it again and it was gone. It’s good to know they fixed it, as I imagine it could happen in more delicate situations. I’ll probably get it at the next service (unless it reappears).

  5. I was hoping the software update was a power boost!

    Anyone notice some squealing from the steering column when turing and driving really slow (like pulling in/out of a parking spot)?

  6. Mine in for it now (overnight).

    Had this warning and demobilisation 3 times, so hope the software update works. First 2 times it came to life after leaving for a period and locking. However, not fun going to the car and wondering if it will start.

    The garage was aware of the update (or found out after my fault was reported)

  7. Software update for BCM to fix the SCL, Remote not Detected and subsequent non-start is only for MY11 (B400xxxx) cars. MY10 (A400xxxx) there is no update available.
    For My10 cars the most successful “fix” is to replace the faulty SCL.

    Noisy steering honk on slow manouvres coming off full lock is on cars with (VES) Variable effort steering. No fix available yet, but GM is close to resolving it. It is annoying but not dangerous to continue driving with it honking/groaning.

    If you are having issues with the above, contact your dealer and get the fault registered.

  8. Anyone in US wth the same problem? I just experienced it. Any suggetsions to alleviate it, or address it until the software update? Where one can get the software update? I have 2011 95 XWD. Called a local Hirsch dealer and they hear from me about this issue…I’ll call my saab dealer…see if they can help me.

    Thank you for any help!

  9. Ramsey saab not aware of issue, same with Brownell Motors. Strange since the issue is reported publicly with a solution too in Nov 2011 and Saab was fine until end of december (another month later). I am in NE so any delarship/shop that can address this update would be great for me as well as others in the future.

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