Austrian dealer tour visit

As you probably know, besides Germany Saab toured in Austria as well, showing the 9-5 SC and 9-4X at dealers. I’m living not far from Vienna, so I decided to go and see the lovely new and hopely soon produced new ships. Saab Oberlaa was the target because of being there once already and seen there the new 9-5 sedan for the first time in reality.

Both, the 9-5 Sport Combi as well as the 9-4X were at the place. Of course in Aero. A bit nostalgic feeling came, because the 9-4X was exactly the same car presented at SaabsUnited Oktoberfest in Trollhattan. A petrol 2.8 Turbo6 XWD, nice 300 HP / 400 Nm and really good equipped. Great sound system. The 9-5 SC was a bit different from the one at Oktoberfest, the tour car was the BioPower version. Again a very fine and robust feeling from outside as well as from inside. Well I would like to have them both, if that would be tomorrow I wouldn’t resist at all 🙂

The Aero versions have also very nice dashboard, much more attractive than the other versions. Large trunks on both cars are showing their potential as practical and comfortable family cars.


The event was very fine and relaxed, people were coming and going as their time allowed them – it was a normal working Tuesday. The advantage of this was that everybody had enough time to explore the cars from all angles, sit down and develop a feeling about the car without being pressured by others waiting outside for their 2 minutes. People were using this and many of them were going detail after detail. As a Saab seller I would consider this as a most important point, because many of these people were really interested, in contrast to many auto show visitors, where it is easy to forget the most cars what you have seen.

The cars were located inside the showroom, so I hadn’t a chance to test drive them, but hoping to get a chance in some near future. Good luck Saab ! You’ll need it very soon.


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They really need to do this tour in all of their major markets, and in emerging markets. Of course, I am speaking of the USA (while Saab enjoys tremendous popularity in New England, NY, and eastern PA and NJ they are relatively rare elsewhere) and China. I think if they do this tour in the USA and get their dealers to host a SAAB display at various regional expos, Saab will be able to reach new potential customers. There is still the problem of the artificially inflated MSRP, and how consumer reports, Edmunds, and others will rate the cars; it… Read more »


I can only affirm what xlx wrote about the Austrian dealer tour. It was a great opportunity to see the new cars in the metal, and I have to say that especially the 9-5 SC looks even better than on the best of the pictures I’ve seen so far. The car is really well-balanced designwise, and it is a true SAAB inside and out. I’m not too fervent an SUV-fan myself, but the new 9-4X is a very convincing product, and I was most positively surprised about the fantastic seats and driving position and the atmosphere and space inside the… Read more »

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