Car & Driver features Bud Clark and his Saabs

Picture from Car & Driver Magazine
Good old Bud Clark in California is featured in a nice article in Car and Driver.

Bud has been working on Saabs since early 60 ies. Nice pictures of his cars including the super unique Saab Quantum.
For Saab people in California and US he is an institution of knowledge, Heritage and carrier of Saab history.

4 thoughts on “Car & Driver features Bud Clark and his Saabs”

  1. Saw this magazine article just yesterday at the garage while waiting for my winter tires. Found it most interesting, and thought ‘this should be mentioned on SU’. Voila!

  2. bud is awesome! our family started taking our fleet of saabs to him back in the 80’s. he “super-tuned” my black 1980 900 turbo. and when our 1986 9000T (one of the first sold in the US) was “totalled” in an accident after a distracted driver ran a red light, bud resurrected it to a level that was as good–or better–than new. when i think of saab, i think of bud. i’m so thankful his shop is within easy driving distance! if you’re in So Cal, go see bud.

  3. Hi Yep Bud is a great guy. I bought my Sonett through him sight unseen as I live in Australia. He is so straight its unbelievable. If anyone is looking to buy a US SAAB to ship to anywhere, Bud is the man. I am sure whatever fee he would charge to check it out is well worth it.
    He has helped me so many times since with questions I have fo rmy car.

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