Cheer up! – Buy an almost new 9-5 Aero

Let the BIG girls and boys steer the Saab ship into a safe port after having been out on the stormy seas for some time.
Concentrate on something positive and life changing, do not just sit and wait, act!

Well productions has been down for some time and there are very few new 9-5´s out there at least in Sweden. So why not get over to Kongahälla Bil just north of Göteborg and south of Trollhättan. They are the guys who helped me out with a near new 9-5 Aero a month ago. It seams like they have stocked up on some really nice specimens two AERO V6´es and two AERO TTiD´s.

All four are competitively priced around 350.000 SEK and with quite low milage. Talk to David Selfors or any of his sales staff see more at
Here are the beauties looking for a new home. I bet they will be of assistance if anyone outside of Sweden wants to get one. EU is all about free flow of goods and services over borders.
All four are really nicely appointed with Navigation system and tons of other bells and whistles.
Now it is Your choice a red hot panorama moonroof with rear seat entertainment or a carbon grey V6 limousine.

26 thoughts on “Cheer up! – Buy an almost new 9-5 Aero”

  1. Saab just HAVE to have those parts in stock, so called bumpers must be in stock winter is coming so they better start to stock up now. Saab and all other car manufacturers must by law have spare parts for another 10 years. me myself would be extremely unhappy if I could not get spare parts for my 9-5.

    • There are many things that are required ‘by law’ but that don’t actually happen – at least, not until somebody enforces it.

      Saab are ready and willing to supply spare parts; sadly, their suppliers are not willing. As a result, parts are not available.

  2. I’d love to buy a new 9-5, but I am very concerned about the validity of warranty if SAAB does not in fact survive and availability of spare parts over the long term if they don’t make it due to the relatively small number manufactured. In the US at least I am fairly certain that the warranty represents a contract between the manufacturer and the buyer…if the manufacturer is no longer in business, the contract has no validity. So I guess I will hold onto my ’07 9-3 SS and see what happens.

    • Agreed. I’d love to snap up a deal on a 9-3SC here in The States, but I just can’t justify it until I know Saab will at least get as far as a production restart. We already have an ’06 9-3SC that I’m having trouble servicing. That said, let’s hope that positive news comes sooner than later!

  3. Trued, you are so rigth – let’s buy those cars that we love so much!

    If somehow I could danish license plates on one of those TTiD’s without haing to put up +$100.000, I would not hesitate for one second! So much for freedom of movement for labour and goods in the EU…. (Danish taxes at 180 %…)

    The 9-5 TTiD Aero is probably the only car that could stop me trading in my current 9-3 SC 1,8t for a 9-3 Convertible 1,9 TTiD 180…

    • hh dane,
      You guys have great salaries and cheap pork. So what is really stopping You? have another “kartoffel-kur” (Potatoes almost only for a long time).
      You trade in Your present 9-3 so it is just the price difference. Should not be that much!

      • Ha ha, with the new left-wing government our taxes will certainly rise, so the “kartoffel-kur” would have to last for 5-6 years until I could afford a 2010 9-5 by 2017…

        My 9-3 would bring in at most $20.000, so I still need close to $90.000…

        My salary is good, but not that good….

      • Oh..The reason for our high salaries are our high taxes

        The price of a NG9-5 Aero is about 3 years salaries pre-tax, or about the price of a small house in Sweden.
        At the moment families with a collected income of 1 Mill. DKK p.a.pre taxes can get the banks to approve a loan for a house/apartment at about 1.5 Mill.
        The NG9-5 Aero with a little equipment is about 1 mill.
        Do the math.

        And thanx to the large amount of Leasing sales of Saab, a Saab will loose about 500.000DKK in 2-3 years.

        But who’s complaining 😉
        Denmark is still in top 10 for sales worldwide.

  4. I almost bought a 2010 9-5 last week but decided to sleep on it. Two days later GM said NO so I’m glad I waited. Who’s going to honor the warranty? My current car is a 2006 9-3 Aero sedan that has been sitting at my dealership for three weeks now waiting for parts to come in to be replaced under the warranty. If I can’t get parts for my 9-3 under the warranty, how would I get parts for a 9-5? GM should step up to the plate in an attempt to win over Saab customers (even though they won’t win me) by saying that they will honor Saab warranties no matter what happens.

    • by the way, I’m in Chicago. Is anyone else stuck waiting for parts? My dealership is paying for a rental car too because they don’t have any loaner cars.

        • Both our Saab 9-5 and the Viggen are in the shop this week, clutch job and coolant leak, respectively. We’ll see how it goes with parts, no problems getting parts before this year.
          I’m kind of surprised that there is a part shortage for cars pre-dating 2010. A lot of the parts are from the GM bin and Saab parts is a separate entity. And there are always after market parts which are usually as good as the GM parts.

      • I’m curious of what part you’re waiting for? It’s sad but we’re in the market for a new car and we’re not considering a Saab due to parts scarcity and warranty. If Saab makes it through, then they need to come up with some program that boldly declares a strong warranty. They also need to address any issues with parts.

  5. “EU is all about free flow of goods and services over borders.”

    I don’t agree with that. You know, even though that should be the fact, it’s not because of the national legislation of certain EU countries such as Finland (where I live) and Denmark. They collect enormous automobile taxes which value is approx. 1/3-1/2 of the cars’ real value.

    If I’ve understood correctly, Sweden dropped off their automobile taxes in 1996, just right after they had joined the EU. Well, Finland and Denmark never did that. Why? Because it’s “easy tax money” for the covernment of those countries. People have to move from point A -> B and if you’re not living in downtown area, you’ll need your own car for sure.

    So if I’d find a gorgeous SAAB on Swedish, German etc. website(s), I always have to consider the amount of automobile tax I’d have to pay to import the car to Finland. It really sucks but what can you do…

    • Red is usually a colour best suited for small cars, but it really fits the 9-5. But I thi´nk Java brown is my favourite so far, closely followed by th dark blue metallic. I hope they will build them in a dark green metallic also. 🙂

      • Java is really nice! too bad I haven’t seen one yet…

        I like those “kind of strange” colours. I saw a Fiesta with the Morello paintthe other day and it looked really nice; not really black, not really purple-ish/brown-ish either. 🙂

  6. Parts are just to scary to risk that amount of $$ on such a car. Even warranty would be a much smaller issue if parts supply were assured. But as we are already seeing with the 9-3SS, not the case sadly. I will stick with my 04 9-5 for now, knowing there are thousands of cars on the road and if push comes to shove I can use 2nd hand parts to keep the car going…

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