Hirsch Performance Pics

At the end of the week that featured a lot of business stuff here’s something easier to start off the weekend. This picture above was featured in the Hirsch Performance newsletter that most likely has hit the inboxes of those who signed up recently. I wanted to bring two pics up here as they were not in all language versions. The first one above shows a 9-4x, that has be photochopped with the superb 19″ wheels from the 9-5. While this one is a slight outlook to what could be the next pic shows the 9-5 SC Hirsch Performance that could be ordered like that as soon as production starts:

Don’t know what you think, but I think this is hot!

I managed to get those pics in a size of 1900 x 1300 pixels so if you are in need of a desktop wallpaper, those may do the job quite nicely. πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Hirsch Performance Pics”

  1. Like I said to you earlier Till, thank you for the new wallpaper for my desktop. That 9-5 looks great, any idea on the grill kit for the 9-4X? Every time I see a picture of the 9-4X, I like it even more.

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