Lofalk: Saab remains under bankrupcy protection

Reuters spoke to Guy Lofalk who states that Saab will remain under bankrupcy protection for now:

“We will now try to get clarity about what the decision from GM means and if there is any way ahead,” court-appointed administrator Guy Lofalk told Reuters. It would be his decision to apply to the court to end the bankruptcy protection process.

He said that could happen, but declined to say under what circumstances. He said talks were already taking place between Saab owner Swedish Automobile and the Chinese investors, Pang Da Automobile Trade Co and Zhejiang Youngman Lotus Automobile.

Now it’s about exploring all possible scenarios to get the deal through. Will definetely be a tough task, and I hope Youngman and Pang Da are ready to adapt their plans to the demands.

“You have to take each day as it comes, no process is served by having too many alternative results … we are carrying out a reconstruction and a bump comes along on the road, that happens all the time,” Lofalk added.

“I hope that I will know more before the end of the week,” he added.

This sounds pretty relaxed. At least he is willing to go on and dig for a plan that may please GM.

As said here before, it’s not much left for us to do for now is wait and put faith in the team that is working hard to get things done. I believe the hat is not empty yet.

5 thoughts on “Lofalk: Saab remains under bankrupcy protection”

  1. This sounds pretty relaxed. At least he is willing to go on and dig for a plan that may please GM.

    You are right but nevertheless I am not quite relaxed about this Guy (pun intended). Particularly after we got to learn his hasty dodgy moves and their consequences… But let’s trust fingers crossed that the ongoing work will yield success.

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