One month with an almost new 9-5 sedan, reflections

So chassis number 175 has been my car now for almost a month to the day. A nicely appointed Aero Turbo4 with manual transmission and all the bells and whistles. I had a 9-5 on the order block with a dealer in March but due to the situation then I never signed the contract. So in september I started to search the market and found this 11000 kilometer car. What a dream car it has been.

So what are the pros and cons? Most of You guys know I have driven virtually every Saab imaginable so I believe I can with some expertise pass a few judgements.


– Great comfort and sport combination with the HiPer chassis with the individual adjustments

– World class over-all feel behind the nicely sculptured steering-wheel.

– Infotainment/phone/DVD/nav/DAB systems works seamless.

– Performance of the 2 liter 4 cylinder ECO tech engine with Hirsch upgrade + stainless quad exhaust is very good.

– Nice green ambient light with small green LED´s in tons of various places.

– Really high geared gearbox. Cruising at 90 km/h at a just 1500 rpm

– Really nice parchment interior feels really roomy and it is

– Backseat comfort with the feel of a long limousine, add to that the rear climate zone and the 2 8″ screens and the multitude of electronic connections.


– The white numbering of speedo etc should have been green and needles orange. Todays white light glares in the plastic tunnels of the dashboard.

– The A-pillars are bulky and reduces the field of view but I bet they could save life when that Moose/elk comes to close

– Flimsy sunshades that are not double as the old 9-5.

– Flimsy imprecise plastic lids of the compartments in the booth.

– Why did they not do the signature tube light up front into a daytime running light just like iduA?

– One USB connector nearer to the dashboard or on top of the dashboard for “Devices”.

– Foglights up front should have the same color temperature as the Xenon headlights.

Verdict: Minor faults will not change the overall rating. This is by far the very best Saab ever produced. It leaves previous 9-5 and the current 9-3 far behind. When I compare to my old TurboX, this car feels more than 10 years newer. The super solid feel, driving feel, steering and luxury makes this Saab the natural choice for not only the Saab enthusiast but any driver who wants a great drive.

Just lets pray for a fast restart of the production so more driver will experience the NEW 9-5.
There is a Facebook group for NG 9-5 owners:

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  1. About the fog lights – simply put in some Philips Blue Vision bulps! They’ll give you much more light, from the fog lights and moreover, a colourtemperature very close the 4300K of the Xenono bulps. 😉
    Here in Denmark this is what alle the MB E-class has – also as parkinglight bulps.


  2. – Why did they not do the signature tube light up front into a daytime running light just like iduA?

    I don’t understand this part. What is “iduA”?

  3. Noway Jose I’ll do the fb stuff….:-D

    About the new 9-5, I do think it is big leap for saab when it comes to comfort, tech, quality designs and so forth. Today it is 11 month since we got out 9-5.
    The pro seems right, but I would like to add:
    * Diesel xwd, never happend to a saab before
    * headlight….darn the light flowes and make my dark driving a better drive

    The cons:
    * We have hade some buggs during the past 11 months. Now (hopefully) the last bugfix was done a week ago.
    * The size of the car is not entirely matched by size of the interiour
    * Some plastic in hidden places feels as solid as a plastic bag from the store…:-D
    * Part of the interior is very hard to clean. The feeling of that material ( the door panels) is top notch! But if you get dirt on it, I have yet not found a way of making those stains to go away.
    * My wife would like to go back to the 9-3 sc -08 we replaced. 😀

    But, overall, I’m happy with this car and I recomend it (since all the bugs now are fixed) to the ones asking.

      • * High fuel consumptions (TTiD)
        * Indicator of ignition needed service (a couple of times)
        * Indicator of xwd need service
        * Headlamps projection waaaaay high. Every third car I met flashed at me!
        * sign recognition non function
        * eLsd in need of service
        * some clonky stuff in the rear…Thats a sound only appearing during driving on bad surfice. The did an software up date on the chassies software.
        * After exiting night panel ( I love that thing) the screen is much darker than when entering night panelÄ

        I also upgraded my car with mud flapps (thank you SU for pointing me to this) since I the rear wheels is throwing gravel, dirt and stuff right up and making the paint blistered off at the back end. Now I have noticed that the flaps do work, so I will go to an firm and repaint the hole rear bumper.

        I might have forgotten some little details. But the major bug was the one about the ignition. The car was stranded, could not be started. This bug has been “fixed” four times now..:-D

        I knew I was in for dome bugs, and was prepered for it. When buying a ” never done this before car” I do realise there will be some stuff to deal with. The important thing is that the dealer DO NOT GET TIRED OF YOUR COMPLAINING.
        Now, I do believe I got a solid car and will salut the 1 year of ownership in just a month

        Best regards

        • @TTAero: Do you like the look of the vehicle with the mud flaps as much as without?

          My pet peeve is in the trunk … the storage compartments on the left and right … those flimsy plastic doors to them. One refuses to stay engaged and always comes apart. I offset that “con” in the trunk with two trunk “pros” … the size of it and the hooks on either side to hang plastic grocery sacks.

          We will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary of our 2010 9-5 next month as well! It’s been a great ride .. 13K+ miles so far.

          • well, the look isn’t better with the plaps, I agree. But the looks with the paint falling of is mush worse!
            Yep, those platstic lids is to soft. Ours is still in place thou.

            We just passed 26000 km. And it feels good.

            The trunk size is big, but it is low since the “big ass stereo” we got uses some of the trunks volume and making the trunk lower. The speakers simply do poke into the trunk a bit too much

        • A neighbour told me this week he was worried because the front turning signals were glowing during the weekend. He asked me if I had enough juice left in the battery to start the car…

          I might have brought that on myself, because I keep the keyfob in my pocket. I suspect I keep pressing buttons on it unintentionally, thus locking/unlocking the car. I think I need a small plastic cover to store the keyfob…

          • I noticed this also when washing the car. But I never had any problem with it.

            The buttons on the fob has a tiny piece sticking out, thus the unintentional pushing of the fob buttons.

        • Did you get high consumtion corrected or is that something you have to live with? I´ve had two 9-3 TTiD´s and both had higher consumption I was hoping for when bought. DPF re-gen causes higher consumption, so city traffic is no good.

          What about XWD & eLSD? Was there really something to fix or was it just false indication?

          4 times for ignition fix already.. really??

          • Corrected or not. Today I got an avarage fuel consumptiln of 6.2 litres/100 km on my 2 ton, xwd car….thats good stuff.
            On the 9-3 TTiD I replaced, I had a fuel consumption of about 5.3-6.0.
            Yes, the ignition was replaced but still not all good. Now, we hoop.:-D

            About the xwd and eLSD, there was indications only. And that wad during very cold conditions. I do not know if they did something or not.

          • @TTAero, thanks for reply. I wonder if XWD problems came during cold day, what happened to XWD then (with error message) did it turn to FWD car?

          • @TTAero … I had the xwd and eLSD failure indicators on my TurboX when it was brutally cold (minus 20 degrees F) several times, as well as xwd failure on this 9-5 under same conditions. We had all that checked out, and they were indications only … but a little unnerving to see pop up. I guess that is the price of technology. We wouldn’t expect our PCs to work in that cold weather, and more and more, that is what we find in our vehicles.

            Both cars drove fine with the error indications … and I didn’t do any damage doing so.

            Fuel consumption on my 9-5 Aero on the highway is ~30, but the city miles keep the average in the low 20s.

        • I to have a NG95 Aero TTid and I’m avereging around 7,8 l/100kms, witch seems high. With my old 93TTid I averaged 6,7 although getting below 6,0 was no problem if I wanted to. With the 95 I seem to be stuck at around 7,5 even if I adjust my driving style.
          I turned it in today to fix a small waterleak and told my dealer to get every “upgrade” sorted. Hopefully the consumption will improve after this.
          Apart from this, I am very happy with the car.

          • My avarage was about those figures. But after an upgrade this summer, the numbers started to get better. And now, after 26000 km it looks great. Maybe the car needs some more miles to get broken in?
            My previuos 9-3 TTiD needed 9000-10000 km before the numbers got ok.

          • @turbokalle, do the fuel calculation when filling up. My on board computer gives me a higher consumption than what really is used. The computeradds approx. 0.3-0.7 litres per 100 km

        • Can I just say this thread you started right here may be the best single example of how SU can deliver constructive criticism for Saab engineers going forward on real life issues? This is pretty incredible.

          • Sorry for having to disagree again but this is not true if you compare to any other brand, especially in the price range Saabs have been selling for the last two decades, at least in Europe.
            The NG 9-3 and OG 9-5 have done very well in reliability stats for several years now. If I would want pure reliability a 9-3 would be on my very short list.
            A brand new model like the 9-5 has always some problems in the beginning. Everyone knows that. From what I’m reading most of them are only software related though. There isn’t a car manufacturer in the world that wouldn’t have those nowadays.

            Have you owned a new Saab since the old 9000?

          • We’ve owned a 9-2X, 9-5 SC, 9-7X, 9-3 Turbo-X, NG 9-5 and 9-4X (latter two we still have) and all have been fun to test drive and own!

            None troublesome to own at all. 🙂

  4. Totally agree about the instrument colors. I wish they would go back to the old colors. That’s my only feedback, since I’ve only sat in a new 9-5 so far.

    • The most annoying is the reflections of white light in the “tunnels”.
      Glue in some black alcantara fabric or suede to reduce that glare.

      I wish that Saab would make use of the wide array of expertise among SU people who really care about the new Saabs.
      Bring in a “Peer-review” focus group from SU before it is to late with the next Saab models. We just might have some valuable insights.

        • Sign me up!
          I do drive a lot on snow, ice and in cold and dark condition.

          One of my most traveled road is:
          Often dark during 6-7 month of the year
          Low trafic, meening, me the road and the car can be used as we wish…..
          During mondays and winters, I often is the first one traveling this road. Meening, the snow plow havn’t passed yet
          last year I had the outside temp down at minus 37-39 degrees celsius for almost a month strieght
          Is 110 km and I usually can count my fellow trafficants on the fingers on my two hands…..

          This road is a dream for car testing.


        This is the one thing that could differentiate Saab from other companies.

        It’s cheaper and better than consumer clinics, research and guessing (at which Germans are the best – the Dr. Ings at VAG and Daimler always know better than you what you really want!) – plus it gives one the feeling that Saab listens.


        I am with all those who say the tubes and white lighting should go. Bring back the YS3D/YS3E instrument cluster.

        • The CEO of Youngman sadly speaks no English, so our words aren’t of much concern to him. 😛 In all seriousness, this is a great thread. But yes, we will be lobbying hard at SU to get some focus group ideas together, under Muller/SWAN control, that was a priority going forward we discussed. With new owners in China, I’m not so sure. They have their own priorities, that’s certain. Maybe we won’t have to worry about it, though.

      • That is such a good idea! We, the customers who drive in different areas, with different driving styles and with different car experiences and backgrounds, could make really valuable input for the Saab-team. Talk about a focused focus-group! 🙂

      • My 2.0 T Aero manual FWD now is 10 months and 18000 km old.
        It was upgraded to 260hp one month ago.

        I agree to reduce instruments tunnels glare even if I use HUD,
        I’m ok with the needles colors, but I’d remove all 5km signs to declutter dash (c900 dash is a masterwork).

        I’m ok to supply feedback to Saab. It’s a long time I told Swade, Saab should be “the connected car automaker”.

        Consumption after Hirsch is a little higher 11.2L/100km but maybe I drove a little more in city traffic.

        Driving after Hirsch is a real FUN! Before that, the engine was adequate, now it’s fun!
        Very good torque at low revs becomes aggressive at high revs, good job Hirsch!

      • I’m not sure SAAB fully appreciated SU as the resource it is…but none the less it is full of constructive criticism and design ideas that any automotive manufacturer would normally have to pay thousands of pounds for in terms of polling research, dealer problem analysis etc.

        I am fully in favour of a forum that reports issues specific to each model providing there was some interface to the OEM and the end result was a fix broadcast here or rolled out via deealerships.

        something like this would strengthen the bond further between Saab and its many helpful and loyal customers.

        I beleive this to be very important in ironing out future issues and something more than any other manf currently has (if ofcourse there is an interface/liaison) and we are not just wasting our feedback here?


  5. Add me to preferring the old colors, but more importantly….the old font. Geez, how I miss the old Saab font on everything inside. Also, would love the rear headrests that Saab NA shows on their website; the ones in my 2011 Aero block too much visibility and don’t fold down like ones in previous years.

    Why oh why isn’t the front passenger seat the same size as the driver’s in the Aero???? And please give us adjustable side bolstering in the sport seats like BMW.

    My RDS doesn’t work for AM/FM and the dealer says all 2011 Aeros with Navigation are like that, which I’m not sure I believe. I’m in the US.

    I miss seeing the Griffin on the steering wheel.

    I really wish they would’ve put different tires on these vehicles. Ride is quite rough (and noisy) on our gravelly asphalt.

    Windshield washer nozzles are aimed too low and cannot be adjusted….

    The soft plastic on the upper doors does scuff too easily. Much like that of a Lexus.

    Otherwise, love this car!

  6. Glad to be talking about the cars again.

    After 15 months, I still love the 9-5. My personal pros are…
    – DriveSense : Knocking it into sport when approaching an overtaking oppertunity just doesn’t get old.
    – HUD : Sorry, I haven’t noticed the glare from the white speedo because I never look at it anymore. Really miss it when driving my wife’s 9-3.
    – The start button 🙂

    – Economy : Manual 2.0T Aero XWD only getting 28.4 miles to the gallon average over 34,000 miles.
    – A few problems, all resolved and nothing that stop me buying another next year when lease on this one expires.

    • mcwill,
      Great that You like car talk instead of boring dull economic endless discussions.
      Saabs are all about driving and doing that with a great smile!

      • +1000!!

        And it´s very nice to hear that cons are mainly some small, minor details you don´t have to use / look all the time while driving! I test drove new 9-5 almost a year ago and really liked it. I cannot wait to test the coming combi version. Here´s some pics from my test drive
        The dealer I got the car from is selling also Skodas. When I got there at the dealer´s, it was quite early morning and extremely cold. There was a line of tester cars outside. I helped dealer to start all those cars for warming up. Guess which one was quickest car to have windscreen clear of ice (few Skodas and one Saab) ? You guessed it, the new 9-5. All Skodas were totally frozen when 9-5 had 50% of windshield melted clear. Very nice car overall.

  7. Why did they not do the signature tube light up front into a daytime running light just like iduA?

    That would be the same as shouting “me too!!!!” and we do not want that, do we?

    • Saab was amongst the first with the tubes as a day time running light. I do think the tubes in the 9-3 is typed as dtrl. In that case, they got them in late 2007.

  8. One month also with my new 9-5 XDW turbo4 manual + Hirsch upgrade 260HP
    Finally found something to compare it with my old 9000CD Turbo (1991)
    Superior Handling , comfort and feel .

    But consumption is worst comparing to my old SAAB , also brute turbo force that’s makes your stomach to hang back to the seat is missing from new 9-5 .
    Who knows, maybe Euro5 regulations .

    Also this nice safety lights (red-white) when you open the doors are missing from 9-5

    • Good to hear! I miss the more aggressive side from my old 9000 TurboSport in my 9-3 Aero — maybe a 9-5 Aero could give me some “edge”? I’m thinking about getting a 9-5 Aero (Hirsched, and with the quad pipes!) in spring, and I’d just love to have a white or red 9-5 — but with a black, matte painted roof (like this pretty thing!)… How to do it? Any suggestions?

  9. This car has the most attractive automotive behind that is in existence today. I just dont get why people would prefer an overpriced VW designed by someone who obviously doesn’t have much of an imagination over a Work of Art designed by Trolls. I just wish I had enough cash as Id buy one n a split second.

      • By overpriced VW I was referring to iduA but having said that a Gokf GTI csts as much as an A3 here in Canada so yes, VW are a big ripoff and the European equivalent of a boring looking Toyota. Looking at the VW CC one can plainly see said Swede was quite obviously not a Troll. 😉

  10. Jörgen, since you had replaced your 9-3 TX SC for this 9-5, how come you didn’t opt for a 9-5 SC? Wouldn’t you have preferred fantastic design elements and massive cargo space of the Sport Combi over the regular, basic sedan?

    • Gopherr,
      Switching to a 9-5 was easy. So much better car in ALL respects.
      The design of the slooping C-pillar is very nice and for the moment I do not have he really big need for a SW. You come to a time in life when family “shrunk” (some are off to college) last haul with the TurboX SW was a drive to Linköping University Technical Engineering School. Saab can hire a talented product designer/mechanical Engineer in 2016, when she is ready.

      On The other side I am not so impressed with The cargo space of The NG 9-5 SW.
      I can always put My Pacline Skibox on The roof!

  11. Trued, I too have a Turbo-X and I absolutely love my car. I have been concerned that by the time I’m ready to upgrade (in about 2-3 years when my warranty runs out) Saab won’t make anything at that point with the kind of silly power and performance capabilities that bring a smile to my face every day.

    How do you think the upgraded Hirsched Aero 4 with manual compares to your prior Turbo-X in the performance categories? Acceleration, handling, braking, etc? Thanks!

    • This is my dilemma too! Brother Trued is in the Honeymoon Stage 🙂 (and I will grant a certain sybaratic splendor to riding in the back seat …as I did ‘limo style’ with him from Trollhattan to Stockholm a few weeks ago). But, frankly, Turbo X with a HUD would address any short fall (and with my after-market Kenwood + back-up camera, then some?) . Actually, given that Phoenix /NG 9-3 is probably 2 years away would it be impertinent of me to suggest that a Griffen with HUD and leather boot around the auto gear shift might give the Golden Oldie a new lease?

      At Octoberfest, I ‘overheard’ that during the Koenigsegg interregnum a project had been started for a true 9-5 Halo (twin turbo….400HP+) . Unfortunately, the Muller regime did not carry this forth. Fortunately, those blueprints live and one hopes that such an initiative be finally realized (via Hirsch). Not a moment soon.

      That said I’ll shot-gun any day in the SUHRT 9-5 :).

      • I always though the green EIB loan and Swe Govt official environmental policy had something to do with killing any and all halo engines, not VM.
        Guess that will change if Saab is going to compete with the 7-series, S-class etc. in the future 😉

    • Liari,
      Great question. 260 Bhp Hirsch in 9-5 v.s. 280 in a TX. I think they are just about as lively. OK the TX gets away a little like a WMB squatting at acceleration.
      The chassis is much better in 9-5. Have not autocrossed it yet. But à guy in The US won best time The other day in à 9-5. Think that was covered here at SU.
      Also pretty nice sound in The quadpipes from Hirsch.

      • I think there are a number of Halo options moving forward whether it is the revival of “Viggen” or “Carlsson” to one-time special edition partnerships with CVK or Spyker not to mention Hirsch.

        I think it very important that folks who have the ability to pay for such a car should be able to-more or less on a bespoke basis, this will be less economic for them but will get them something unique-whilst assisting SAAB in raising the profile of their top end, which has dividends elsewhere, not least in column inches, in automotive press.

        I know Saab can’t afford this right now (people clamour for the 9-3, the 9-1 for a super 9-5 etc) but the point is they don’t have to-the burden and the opportunity can be taken by the partner.

        remember the 9-3 vert, Nordic Extreme? 🙂 I think it was some Koenigsegg guys playing.. it killed a BMW M5 it did, it did!

        • Saab really does need to do something, even with their constraits, with Hirsch or someone else. I know three Turbo-X owners reaching the end of their leases, and they’re all going to different brands since Saab doesn’t have any comparable options to choose. One is doing an M3 sedan, another a Subaru WRX STI, and another I think may do a 335i or M3.

          These are people willing to pay top dollar for special models and people who tend to influence the purchases of friends and family. Any future Saab has to figure out a way to keep them in the brand…

  12. I have the NH 9-5 with chassis number 125, deliverd to me mid July 2010. Have driven it for 60.000km. About 50% in mid Europe and the rest in Sweden. It is 9-5 TiD auto. Can not complain over fuel economy. 6,2 liter/100km, and for some reason 6,0 abroad. Can be due to smother road surface, as the speed is higher.
    Some minor complains yes, but one whole most satisfied. Very enjoyable to drive. Can recommend to upgrade the TiD with Hirsch or alike. Gives same power as a TTiD to less fuel consumption and smoother running engine. And can be combined with automatic gearbox. Out performs a TTiD in top speed. Have tested.
    April 2011 I ordered a Fjordblue SC with same specification, and thought that I would have become it in August. It is still on order, but I am starting to get somewhat disturb over the long time. And I know that I will have no upgrades from the car that I have. Small things like Trued wrote about would be nice. But it´s not going to happen. No money for such improvments.
    Can admit that I have a contract for an Audi A6 Avant ready to be signed. Can however not make up my mind. My heart beats for SAAB, which it have since I bought my first Monte-Carlo 850 1967. The car now in order would be my 25th SAAB.

    • OK … this is something I should know, but don’t … where can I find the chassis number of my NG 9-5?

      Maybe wait until Nov 15 before commiting to that Audi? It may all work out for the Fjord Blue SC after all. Plus you’ll have a 2012 model. 🙂

        • I thought the 2012 SC got a backing camera now? And the dashboard fascia is new.

          Plus, you might also get the HiPer strut suspension, which in MY10/11 was sadly limited to the Turbo6 (and TTiD IIRC).

          • Yes, you keep saying you have HiPer strut. 🙂

            I am pretty sure that combination was never possible if ordered from a dealership (or online configurator). I suspect your configuration is somewhat special.

            I suspect your 9-5 is the same one Tim told me about a few weeks before you bought it. Does your 9-5 have tri-zone clima control, yet lacks backseat entertainment?

        • 2012 true, but sadly nothing new compared to my 2010.

          I would be pretty surprised if you didn’t see anything new compared to your 2010.

          Some of the news for the UK market, when it comes to MY12, has been posted here earlier. As Rune mentioned I guess there will be some small changes to for example the dashboard, would be pretty surprised if that wasn’t included on all markets. It has been mentioned elsewhere, earlier, that they have intended to do some changes. Then we have the engines etc. Some packages, radio perhaps, and other things might be unique for some markets, but clearly there must be some changes compared to MY10.

          • There will be no major updates. Dashboard might happen, but before production stopped the update was cancelled. Unfortunatelly also doubtful that there will be any changes to the suspension.
            Ok I have managed to have 6 OG 9-5 starting from fall 1997 up until the last which was a 2009. More or less the same car, but some updrades which lifted it a little bit. So why complain. But still the competition is tuff, and for success there must be something new. I wrote earlier no major complains to my NG 9-5, but still some irritating.
            – Squeak comming and going in the middle of the instrument panel. Dealer not been able to fix.
            – Increasing gap between door panel and loudspeaker in front doors.
            – The plastic coverage part at the bottom of the B pillar have become loose on both sides.
            – Inside synthetic panel on the doors looks like they have been glued direct to the panel behind. The uneveness can clearly be seen.
            – Miss in the construction of the lid of the trunk. Water comes in when opened. Or in winter ice/snow freezes below the window. I know. Has with the design of the car to do.
            – Why not have the double sun visors which was a great invention in the OG. GM said no. Used standard.
            – I have had no problem with car not starting until last week. And it happend when I was departing ferry in Kiel. But I knew how to solve it as Trued also have describe. But still a little panic.
            But on the whole I like my car.
            When production start again, and the dealer know if there are updates I will check for additions to my order.
            My SC shall be one of the first customer ordered to be built. I guess March is a realistic delivery time.

          • Speaking of the 9-5 SC and providing user input I’d be interested in knowing, can the mentioned (wet) storage compartment under the trunk be removed to provide extra space when needed?
            To me it looks like Saab is somewhat following the unfortunate patch of the ovloV where the floor is so high up that the height of the cargo space itself becomes compromised.
            Looking at the video from Inside Saab you clearly see the trunk could be quite massive/deep when you take everything out.

            PS. many Saabers need all the hauling volume they can get not just stashes for smaller items.

    • Diesel sold in Sweden have less energy per liter than the average EU sourced diesel fuel.

      Lower sulphur and emission reducing additives give less polution but also increase consumption per km.

      Same goes for 95 octane petrol sold at Swedish pumps – higher content of ethanol and more additives to reduce emissions also means that the energy content per liter is lower than average EU standard fuel.

      In effect its more difficult to reach the official consumption numbers offered by the manufacturer, when driving on fuel sourced in Sweden than in for instance Germany.

      • That is not correct any longer. Shell and Aral have a special diesel, but the normal is the same. I many times fill upp my car then sail with ferry to Kiel, or opposite on way north I fill the car in northern Germany.
        Tendency is same less fuel burned/km in mid Europe than in Sweden. So the only reason I can understand is the friction between tyre and road surface.

  13. Flimsy imprecise plastic lids of the compartments in the booth.

    The plastic in question is quite soft. I wonder if it has been done this way to prevent the plastic from cracking (due to extreme cold and similar)?

    I have some plastic details in my 1997 9000 that have not survived too well (the lid for the tools in the trunk), but that could easily be due to physical abuse by previous owners.

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