Saab 9-5: Graeme’s last report.

Saab’s tale of woe in recent months has resembled a horror movie – but it hasn’t spoiled Graeme’s enjoyment of classy saloon.

Life with the Saab has been like a Hollywood movie recently. Not because of anything the 9-5 has done wrong, but because in the past couple of months the firm has experienced more twists, turns and heart-stopping moments than your average box office blockbuster.

At just over 15,000 miles, the car’s computer informed me that a service was due. The recommended intervals are 18,000 miles, but our car’s hard life had obviously taken its toll, so it was booked into my local dealer, Squire Furneaux of Dunstable, Beds.

The customer service was impeccable – I even received a text message two days before the appointment as a friendly reminder. And despite the uncertainty facing Saab, the staff were upbeat and helpful.

After two hours, I was handed a hefty bill for £297.50, but the car was returned fully valeted and since the oil change, the gruff engine even seems quieter. It’s still proving economical, too, recording an impressive 38.4mpg despite my congested commute into our central London office.

The 9-5 has also demonstrated its practicality, as the 513-litre boot and split-fold rear seats made light work of a recent trip to Ikea, swallowing up some furniture.

Sadly, the Saab has suffered some battle scars, although most of the blemishes were sorted with a touch-up stick. More annoying is the damage I picked up on the rear wheel when exiting a tight car park last week – especially since the wheels were unblemished up to that point.

It won’t be long, now, until the Aero goes to a new owner (with in Auto Express), as I’m about to change jobs, but like the best movies, I’ve enjoyed every second of my time with the car. And with the safeguarding of the company’s future, it looks like this is one story that is going to have a happy ending.

We thank Graeme a lot for his reports and I’m sure we will hear from him again very soon.
All the best in your new job from all of us here at SU.

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I like this 9-5. It has the look of rugged individualism. Like the sort of car that Eastwood or even McQueen, if he were alive, would drive. I’d get either this or the Saab SUV.

ivo 71

@ Graeme (if you pass by here): good luck in your next job. What mag? And thnx for always having been a good Saab friend. There are not that many amongst the auto hacks left.


Graeme Lambert

Thanks for the kind words Ivo. I’m moving to a company called Car Enthusiast and though we have our own website ( ) our main role is to be a content provider for other magazines and websites. So i’ll still be published in Auto Express, and a few other outlets as well. Despite now only owning 1/4 of a Saab (my 9000 track car) I’ll always be a Saab friend – you all know how the brand gets under your skin! Maybe I’ll get myself back into a c900, or maybe even a 99t when I’ve worked the sportscar… Read more »

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