Saab defies logic

TTela today brings an interview with Sven-Åke Berglie the ex-head of the suppliers’ organization [FKG] as well as a few quotes made by his successor Fredrik Sidahl in Sweden.

When asked about Saab’s likelihood of survival:

One keeps hoping, though logic dictates that this should not work. But Saab defies all logic and Muller never possessed it. They should not be underestimated, nor their important role in the automobile industry.

The then minister of commerce, Maud Olofsson, was not interested in the automobile sector says Berglie.
– We sent an invitation immediately after Maud Olofsson took office. Her predecessor, Östros, had been very interested in trade talks, we even got to know each other on a personal level. Maud told us she had no time to spare. She dispatched her secretary of state, Jöran Hägglund. Not a bad replacement as it turns out, he was even interested enough to initiate meetings on his own.

When asked about the reasons for blocking Antonov:

I do not know, and I have discussed this at great lengths with Carlström. The National Debt Office do not know either.

Afraid of Russians?

Hell if I know. I mean; What do they actually know about China?

Berglie’s successor, Fredrik Sidahl feels Saab never quite have had a chance to stand on its own feet.

I would like Saab to be given a chance. That the licenses should be so sensitive as GM are claiming, I consider that to be completely bullshit. It must be part of a negotiation ploy.

6 thoughts on “Saab defies logic”

  1. Mr. Sidahl doesn’t mince his words. Not overly diplomatic perhaps but it’s certainly refreshing that, in a country where just about everybody seems to avoid saying anything he/she may be held accountable for, someone for once says what he/she really thinks. But I wouldn’t delegate him to negociate with GM if the opportunity arises 😉


  2. Clutching at straws here…but if the GM objections to licence issues are a “negotiating ploy”, that suggests that GM are interested in negotiating. That would require SAAB to have a future.

    • I too have struggled with the idea that the technology Saab licenses from GM is that sensitive/cutting edge. With all the talk of the billions YPD want to invest it sounds like GM want their share.

      • Cerulean, I agree, all the GM technology in SAAB can be considered oldhat these days – most cars have te features SAAB and GM have. Perhaps they are simply throwing their toys out of the pram?

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