Saab, Mozart edition

Today the Saab dealer tour in Austria started in Salzburg, the city where Mozart was born. It seem that although Saab was able to sell much in Austria this last month, at least the interest is big.

After the jump you will find the first report from Mr. Mladeck, the Saab Country Director in Austria.

More than 50 Guests, visited the Saab Dealer in Salzburg, Sterneckstraße 28, the first station of the Austrian 9-4X and 9-5 SportCombi Dealer Tour.

Most of them were loyal long time Saab drivers, who wanted to see the news models. But also new costumers came to the dealer to get a first glimpse on the new models of Saab. The mood was very positive and the visitors appreciated the idea of this dealer tour a lot.
Of course everyone wanted to see the all new 9-4X and the 9-5 SportCombi, but many people had questions regarding the short and long term future of the Saab brand. The atmosphere was optimistic and positive due to the good news last week.

The Saab Brand Manager of Saab Salzburg, Mr. Tobias Loos (to the left) and Country Director, Mr. Stefan Mladek (to the right) were satisfied with the event and very happy about the big interest and the enthusiasm of the visitors.

On Monday they will visit the dealerships on the eastern part of Austria, and will be moving to Vienna on Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Saab, Mozart edition”

  1. Today I was in Salzburg at my Saab dealer Dvorak&Partner. I also met Mr. Mladek and talked with him about the situation in Saab. Together with my 3y.o. son I tested the seats of the 9-5 and 9-4x. He said (sitting in the 9-5): “Dad, I want this car and that (looking to the 9-4x).”….Any questions? 😉

    • Your son has very good taste! 🙂
      Also, as life with kids is about to make them happy and satisfy their needs, there is only one thing to do….
      Two new Saabs in your drive way might cheer you up as well…

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