SAAB of the week – Chinese 9-3 with a Dutch twist

After our October fest a little over a month ago, we received a report from our friends in China who also arranged a get-together that day.

One of the pictures caught my eye, so I e-mailed KaiC and he generously sent me a bunch more pictures. The owner of this fantastically colored 9-3 lives in Nanjing City, Jiang su Province.

Orange being a favorite colour of the Dutch, I thought it was somehow fitting to make this SU’s SAAB of the week. Enjoy the pictures!

6 thoughts on “SAAB of the week – Chinese 9-3 with a Dutch twist”

  1. I love this one, I normally hate orange cars but this one stands out and looks like it’s fast standing still. Love the black rims too. Not sure about the orange inside though, but fun car none the less.

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