Statement from SCNA

The news is coming to us fast this morning. We have the most up to the minute coverage here at SU, stay tuned for many more bulletins throughout the day.

We continue to negotiate the terms of the proposed agreement with all parties involved.ย  It is premature to comment on a outcome at this time. We remain optimistic on Saab’s future.

16 thoughts on “Statement from SCNA”

  1. Let’s stick it to them then.
    If GM wants to play hard ball, then let’s play by their rules.
    Saab YM/PD should have a new deal where SWAN owns 1% of Saab and YMPD own 99%.

    Then the technology agreements still would stand, no?

    and can someone specifically state what “technology” is at stake here? if they are talking about those ugly cheap radios in the 9-3, then tell them to keep it as a parting gift.

      • well if thats the case,
        SWAN own 51% and YMPD own 49% and establish a put option (like when GM bought Saab in 1990, and exercised their put option in 2000 and therefore owned 100%). Have a 10 yr put option in place, so Saab can keep the technology agreements. and YMPD can take the remaining share in 10 years.

        Time to think outside the box. I understand getting all the parties to agree to the above would be difficult, but it is certainly plausible. And the above might not convince GM, but it would at least open the door up strongly for more negotiations, with more leverage on Saab and YMPD’s side.

        • That is actually a very good idea, an exclusive and obligatory put option. All it needs is that the co-operation between Pang Da, Youngman, Saab and Swan remains in existence and doesn’t change for as long as it takes for the GM IP to become non-exclusive. In the meantime, however, none of the parties would be able to sell their shares and couldn’t cease trading or merge or whatever. That may evolve into a problem given the present state of the world economy.

          Still, I’m pretty sure the parties involved will include this option in the negotiations.


          • This is what makes the Saab ordeal so strange. Usually when large company is transitioning between owners, a put option many times is obligatory. But why was this not the case between GM and SWAN? and I can go on to ask the question, Was a put option included in the current or previous (54% deal) deals with the chinese as well?

            Interesting times. But its time to come up with even more interesting alternatives and bending of the rules. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Why not bring in Baghdad Bob, if he is available.
    Guess the price of Saab is down to the 200 million SEK now the initial bid from YPA.
    Where is Christian von Koenigsegg where is bard Eker
    Norwegian oil money.
    Sure there must be any capital strong swedes with the Saab feel!
    Look under every stone around the world NOW!

    • His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf?
      Maybe they can join efforts?
      Imagine the commercials; Carl Gustaf hauling royal furniture from IKEA in Saab SC!

  3. Here’s the issue: the auto world is about to completely change. A niche player that wants to play with the big boys needs to have something that will lead that change. Saab has GM tech – not what you would call “leading edge.” Saab has a brand and also an amazing heritage and following. Not enough by itself to lead – but with the right design and tech, very powerful. Look at it this way – design and tech minus brand, heritage, following – very hard to get going. Not impossible – Tesla is doing it. What if you have both?

    To be around 10 years from now, Saab needs to be doing something to challenge Tesla – not GM. The current gen 9-5 – OK but noise. The current gen 9-4x – too much GM (I was going to buy it until I saw how the seats were made – pure GM lack of attention to detail). The bar for the future is set much higher. Saab needs a formula to lead there – not to follow because that is the one single thing that will actually kill Saab.

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