SUHRT builds yet another 99 Rally car

Saab production is NOT down at least not in Sundbyberg/Stockholm and Vadstena.
Guess some of You remember the recent 99 rally car SUHRT built for the SaabsUnited OktoberFest in Trollhättan. Well in our extended team one of the guys who is running “our” metal construction and welding shop Mr. Bernt Andersson wants to take an active part as a driver as well. We helped out scouting this 99 body that was all water blasted and partially built. Bernt will have it with a FIA approved roll cage just like the ones he has put in 3 of our 99 Rally cars. The car will be painted Cinnober red with black fender extenders from RP Glasfiber. and get the right stickers from our sponsor Abshot Signs UK. Some might have met Donna Coupe who runs that company at the OktoberFest. We have made her a Saab fan. So anyone in the mood to stripe the car ask her.
Bernt is hoping to get the car ready for historic rallies in 2012. The engine will be a 2 liter B engine with sidedraft double Weber 45´s guessing 130 bhp.
Bernt is running his shop with a near relative Tony Anderson under the name Andersson & Andersson Construction

If you are interested in getting Your own 99 rally or racing car, or any other Saab car feel free to contact SUHRT and we will be happy to be of assistance. We offer high quality craftsmanship, excellent parts, we work exclusively with Sparco, Bilstein and top of the line brands. Our prices are very competitive, try us!
For those of You who wants to buy our team Sparco super snazzy black sportsjacket with yellow and blue stripes. Do not give up hope we will soon be ready to take orders.

SUHRT OktoberFest Ola Strömberg Hero car

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A-RO 95

I have a 99 Turbo 2dr. that has been sitting in my garage for 15 years waiting for my retirement!!! I have gladly noted SHURT details for when I am in a position to kick off the project to revitalise the vehicle!

On another note it would appear that PangDa have burnt through RMB 6 Mrd. (EUR 688 Mio) in the last 6 months, which is causing a bit of head scratching in chinese financial circles!

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