Volvo v Saab Road Trip in Belgium (updated)

As you know Nicolas and Ellen from Belgium organised a road trip with invites to all Swedish Cars. They had a great time and here are a few words from nicolas.

On saturday the 30th of October we had the joy to welcome 110 participants for the SAAB vs VOLVO Tour. Not less than 55 Swedish cars were present, going from an old twostroke 96 to the last new 9-5. We had participants coming from all over Belgium, but also from France and Holland, and some of them had already done more than 350 km before starting for the tour !
The less we can say is that this event exceeded our expectations, and a big thank you goes to all those who were there !
have a look HERE for a few photo’s
Nicolas & Ellen

Xavier, a driver from Paris has a few photo’s here

3 thoughts on “Volvo v Saab Road Trip in Belgium (updated)”

  1. Great to see. Belgium still love their SAABs!
    Interesting how such a small country managed to be the 4th biggest market in the first quarter of this year! Maybe the other european markets can ask the Belgian importer for some advice how they do it…

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