Bård Eker talks of Saab

Bård Eker
Picture by Embert Saeter
Koenigsegg owner Bård Eker talks to www.dn.no in Norway and says:

– I am following what´s going on. We need to hope for the best. There are interesting possibilities for Saab.

Just what this mean we do not know, but they did the ground work some years ago they might just have to make minor adjustment in there Numbers/Excel files and come up with a revitalized business plan. Keep Saab in Sweden with the makers of the worlds fastest 0-300-0 km/h production car would be, lets put it right, more than interesting.

49 thoughts on “Bård Eker talks of Saab”

  1. And so the whole circus starts again?

    Only an investor who can come up with 500M to 1000M Euros has a chance to kick start Saab. Also, without GM IP it will take 2 to 3 years to produce anything again, so you don’t only need deep pockets but also be able to hold your breath for a long time. Somehow I have the feeling that Koenigsegg has neither.

    • VM’s biggest business mistake was to not sell the TV-rights to this reality show. Saab could have made easily 50 million eur per season.
      On a more serious note, how about selling the lot to Ksegg that immediately takes ‘the reborn SAAB’ into the Stockholm stock exchange and NYSE to raise some serious cash through an IPO. I think the community alone would be willing to pick up stock for at least a billion SEK.

    • Well, then maybe we’ll see a Koenigsegg based Aero X be made in the mean time.
      And I’ve stated this time and time again: remember that the current 9-3 already is being made in china. Saab could import those and sell them right under GM’s noses!

      • No current 9-3 is being build in China.
        BAIC still has not shown any production cars from the SAAB tech they bought.
        And the first to come will be the C70 based on the 9-5 and it looks nothing like the 9-5.

  2. Way too soon to say anything myself. Just sitting back and watching it unfold for the next week or so. Hoping for a good outcome none-the-less.

    • You are so right, my friend Arne is taking delivery of a similar one tomorrow I guess. Some Vikings are not frightened by a mere bankruptcy, business as usual what else, the NG 9-5 is Saabs best car ever.

      • Monday morning I had my finger on the “BUY” button for a 9-5 in that exact color, hoping that things would have gone in a different direction than they did for Saab. Now I sit broken hearted for the company and workers, and for me because it goes against logic (I’m an engineer by the way) to buy one if they are in fact never to be produced are supported again. I need to hear reassuring facts about parts and support, and maybe see more purchase price flexibility before taking that leap of faith. Buying such a beautiful machine evokes emotion, and if the price is right and the fears about parts are calmed the emotions may take over again. I started test driving alternative vehicles last week just in case, and it was very depressing. As an aside, it would be very smart marketing for Volvo or VW to offer Saab trade-in discounts to win over such a loyal owner base to their brands. I have already decided what my new license plate will be: “FUGM” I’ll post photos if it comes to pass. Best of luck Bard!

  3. I don’t know, I’m exhausted but going to my guy Larry at Country Imports in Neosho Wisconsin to pick up a di cassette for the 95. I’ll always have saabs to drive and kind of glad the chinese are not involved considering that ovlov’s don’t look swedish anymore their starting to look over designed like hyudais however their spelled. bye now!

    • Interesting point. So you see a correlation between Volvo’s new design line (which I also don’t like, nor consider Swedish), and the new owners? Hitherto, I tought it was just “the times”, that were started by Renault (Avantime) and BMW (7 series). Mmmhh…

      Reminds me of an interview I read lately, with a designer who complained about this point as well, attributing the recent design shift to putting more importance on pleasing customers from regions of this planet that would also glue Svarovsky gems to their cars…

  4. I think this could be the happiest sollution! Especially because it might keep the product in Sweden and concept and overall philisophy could be still kept in the natural environment of saab! I think that if Made in Sweden goes away it will be a great loss, perhaps even reputation!

    • That’s a recipe for eventual failure too. Look to the roots to find blossom. It’s in entry level cars that are interesting, reliable and safe. Saab did this in the 1960s for crying out loud—-and they can do it again.

  5. after seeing all these statements from various parties, for me the best is to take them all with a grain of salt. i don’t think i could handle anymore disappointment.

  6. Interesting maybe, but we need marketable, not interesting. I don’t want Saab to devolve into a boutique brand that sells a couple dozen cars a year—-smaller, cheaper, reliable is the path toward Saab surviving the next transition, if there is one.

  7. I wonder if Koenigsegg has the money to buy Saab’s assets and fund its resurrection?

    I must also note that the immature tone towards General Motors around here is both tiresome and childish.

    Saab Aerospace (Saab AB) couldn’t save Saab Automobiles.

    The richest and most powerful family in Sweden couldn’t save Saab Automobiles.

    The largest car maker in the world who poured billions of dollars into Saab Automobiles starting long before they even owned the company outright couldn’t save Saab automobiles.

    That brings us to the sincere, underfunded, inexperienced, charismatic and charming Victor Muller and his Spyker Cars (whose deal with GM didn’t allow him to owned any of the IP from the entire product line of current cars) who couldn’t save Saab.

    While were on that topic, I think it should be noted that the passionate Mr. Muller and his Swedish Automobiles don’t even own the Saab name that represents the marque they are trying to sell off. The name isn’t theirs to sell. Like Saab’s IP, selling something that isn’t his never stopped Mr. Muller from trying. In some strange world where isn’t fraud or lack of business sense, but rather a heroic attempt at survival I suppose that makes sense. One could hope they could sell the factory to a new manufacturer of automobiles, but then they don’t even own the land it is sitting on. Yet, General Motors who want to protect the interests of their stockholders and employees are the morons.

    So yes, to be sure the people at General Motors are morons and not that clever dutchman who never made money with his fist car company and who with his second one has been selling magic beans and delusions of grander for the past two years. He is a hero (apparently).

    • that clever dutchman who never made money with his fist car company

      Well, exactly how much money did GM make with Saab? (We don’t know). But how much money did GM make themselves? (Tax payer bailout). Seems to me a swampy path you chose by this argument. It doesn’t hold water.

      Besides, I bet you’ll never be sucessful here with the mission of GM’s defence, just because of a few very strong and well founded reasons, which are simple and everyone is aware of.

      • How much money did GM make with Saab? None. That was kind of the point, no? You’re really wanting to compare GM’s historical ability to turn a profit selling automobiles over the past 100 years vs. Mr Muller’s over the past decade at Spyker and Saab? That’s an attempt at humor right? I keep reading here about how the Swedish Government should have backed Saab, but the complete opposite reasoning and logic is used when arguing why General Motors are nothing but morons. Odd logic and reasoning, but it makes sense when one considers my original observation regarding tiresome and childish tone regarding using GM as convenient object of ridicule.

        Herr Muller’s contractual agreement with General Motors regarding the sale of Saab is one that he made and agreed to. If you are angry with those terms and conditions, then why not take it up with the person who initiated, negotiated and agreed to those terms on behalf of Saab; Victor Muller himself.

        I actually don’t really see myself as defending GM one way or the other. I’m just looking at the facts. In the end, I’m not really concerned with convincing people of anything. I do note the facts of the situation, the most obvious of which is that Saab’s current situation is the result of the original deal that Victor Muller and his team are solely responsible for.

  8. For a swedish solution of resurecction of Saab I would personally consider buing shares for 100 000 SEK if a good enough funding can be achieved.
    By that I mean that I would buy the shares only if the whole needed amount is signed up for.
    How much money that could be raised like this I have no idea but that figure or perhaps a little more is what I could invest in a little gamble with my pension money. But as I said provided that the full funding is achieved.
    Possibly also the GM licenses need to be agreed to get bridge money and “continuity” as much as possible.
    It seems stupid to ditch the 9-5 when all the tooling is now done.

    But getting money from small fish like myself will not be enough. Some other investor needs to be the base.

  9. At this stage, nothing would surprise me, even GM buying back Saab. They are the biggest debitor, I presume.

    Interesting that GM just anounced that they would lay off a significant number of engineers at their Rüsselsheim (Opel) development centre. Two years ago, they kept Opel for the very reason of this top-notch development team. Are they preparing for a re-integration of the Saab team? Have they recognised that they still lack a premium brand in Europe?

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