Convoy to Trollhättan from Stockholm 14th of January

Picture from Save Saab in 2010. Trollhättan has never been so crowded ever.

Convoy starting in Stockholm from Saab dealer Svenska Bil in Kista/Akalla.
A much nicer and “United” way to drive to Trollhättan and also scoop up fellow Saabers from mainland Sweden.

06:00 AM the convoy rolls towards Trollhättan from Svenska Bil in Akalla/Kista north Stockholm.
Led by Trued in a 9-5 Aero Hirsch Sedan, with flashing amber light on the roof and FOLLOW ME signs in the windows.

E 18 towards Oslo (Norway, bur we are not going all the way there)
In Örebro take E20 towards Göteborg (No not all the way to ovloV land)
In Götene take National Road 44 towards Trollhättan

Stops and approximate times:
Start Kista/Akalla Svenska Bil 06:00 AM
1. 07:00 Enköping @ MacDonalds east exit Enköping
2. 07:30 Västerås IKEA west exit
3. 08:30 Örebro MapTun, leaving 09:00
4. 10:30 Mariestad @ MacDonalds west exit
5. 11:00 Götene @ Preem road 44
6. 11:20 Lidköping @ The Bandy Stadium Villa Arena
7. 12:00 Trollhättan arrival at Saab Automobile AB.

Guess what brand one of the disguised 9-5´s.

21 thoughts on “Convoy to Trollhättan from Stockholm 14th of January”

    • Sorry guys. I received a SU-assignment tomorrow, so I will have to go to THN a little bit earlier.

      See you guys in THN instead. Best of luck to everyone involved!

  1. Trying to be there from Holland. Saab personel applauded for their management, i would very much like to applaud for every Saab employee who builded this great history. Like Churchill once murmered: never in the history of human conflict, so many had to thank so much to so few. It just feels a little like that…

    • Thank You, now I will try to get the proud Saabers of the Pacific North West to make a US West Coast event. Guess Travis at Atomic Auto would just be the man to do it. I will persuade him on Skype once they wake up there 9 hours away!

        • Great we can always trust the Oregonians, guess it must have to do with the fact that every other person in that great state is some way or the other related to Sweden. People who could do timber, work hard in rain and liked to ski. For Oregon the list can be made loooooong. No.1 state in the US, if I have the say!

          • There are a lot of Nordic people here (especially Finland), but I’m originally from an even more Nordic land, Minnesota. Made my way out West over the years. I’ve been flying the Swedish flag on my log home for the past month hoping it would bring some good news for us for Christmas. Sadly, that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe, just a bit longer…..

    • That is my old 9-3 that was sold to make space for the NG 9-5 Aero Hirsch.
      The 9-3 Turbo X is Hirsched with 300 Bhp tuning, big rear wing leather dash etc. interior.

  2. Consider not putting black tape on your car. What if you pull off a layer of the emblem. You may find it hard to find spare parts. Treat your car carefully from now on! From this day forward, I will no longer slam the door! 🙂

  3. I am from the US, but will be in Stockolm on Jan 14 and would LOVE to join in for the convoy and meeting! Would someone be willing to let me (and my luggage) ride along?

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