Dashing Through The Snow

…Would be so much easier if you had a 9-4X AWD, right? For our US readers, here’s an excellent opportunity to benefit one of the best and most celebrated public television stations around. As part of their Holiday Auction, WGBH is offering a loaded 9-4X 3.0 Premium that was generously donated from the New England Saab dealers acting together. There’s 4 days left to bid, and at the moment the car is $15,000 under list price.

Being a great tv station, they’ve produced a festive commercial to promote their biggest auction item, which I think features the best driving footage of the 9-4X to date.

You can find the direct link to the 9-4X’s auction page here.

The actual vehicle is Black with Black interior, so it’s going to look exactly like this:

Thanks for the heads up Lars!

13 thoughts on “Dashing Through The Snow”

  1. The footage of the video is really great.

    But Jeff, are you sure they WGBH has produced the video? There you see a 9-4x Aero with Swedish lic-plates and the other cars you see on the video look pretty European.

    I’m only asking, because Saab could use the same footage for an Ad in 2012 if things go well.

  2. The video that’s linked at the end (“Introducing the new Saab 9-4X) is even better. If it ever makes it down under, a 9-4X will be top of my shopping list. It just looks spectacular. You guys are lucky to have the option!

  3. Wow – if we were car shopping I would be very tempted to bid. A one-way ticket to Boston and road trip back home would be a great holiday trip!

  4. Are we released from our time out chairs in the corner now? Thank you. I hope everyone behaves now. I was getting to not feel well. I suppose the possibility of SAAB ceasing effects us differently. We are all emotional about it, but it is important that we all respect one another….after all we are a family.

  5. Hmmm… which mattress did I stash that extra $35k in…?

    Maybe some other Saab group could put together a lottery with $10.- tickets. If they release 4000 tickets, they would be covered, and the odds for the ticket buyer would be pretty good (imho – compared to some state lotteries out there).
    I’d buy a ticket book for a new 9-5 wagon (please, build some!).

    • I’ve seen a few car raffles like this. Some were for charity, one of them appeared to be maybe for-profit (the fine print said they could, at any time, end the raffle and refund your money, so they would be sure not to lose money).

      I’d be in for some tickets on a 9-5 wagon for sure!

    • +1….I would buy a ticket or two out of that 4000 to have a chance to win the 9-4X.

      What if all us Saabers started a fund to help Saab by donating $100.00 a piece(or more)…340,000 of us can raise 34 mil. Times are tough but to help Saab I would be in on that. Maybe a Save Saab Fundraiser and help the folks out in TH πŸ™‚ What do you think?? I know off topic…

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