Early Christmas Gift for SU Commenters

It’s the holiday season, and we’re all a little busy. I have about 60 emails left to get through for work, I have two unfinished in depth articles I need to polish up for SU, and I have a lot of traveling in my 9-3 to do before Christmas next week. Yet I figured out how to do something that has been requested on this site for a long, long time.

I just installed editable comments on the site. Starting about 5 minutes ago, if you have an AJAX capable browser, you now have up to 5 minutes to edit your comment, or request deletion. We may in the future change this, possibly install Disqus (probably not because we’re exploring our options using our current format to expand SU as a true Saab hub). Anyhow, consider this an early present for anyone who has been itching for a way to edit your comments.

Happy Holidays, and I’ll be in touch.

9 thoughts on “Early Christmas Gift for SU Commenters”

  1. Another option for editing is to compose your comment on your email page, edit it, then copy and paste it into the SU reply box. This saves a lot of angst especially on a laptop when just hitting the touch pad in the wrong way can crash the page.

    Also by writing in your email composition page you are able to save as you go along. This also avoids loosing data. I use this technique with other blogs. Anyway there is nothing like options.

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