Goran Ejbyfeldt is leaving Saab

A few weeks ago Goran Ejbyfeldt was chosen to follow Gunnar Brunius as production director. Nor we his taking on another career opportunity (

“Goran Ejbyfeldt, newly appointed Production Director and responsible for the quality and the IT department, leaving Saab for a position as IS-IT director in the Västra Götaland Region.”

The above is a direct quote from Saab Automobile information to employees.
Goran Ejbyfeldt was commissioned as a production director at the end of November, when he replaced Gunnar Brunius who went to a new assignment at Volvo Aero.
That he this quickly takes a new job can be a sign that the much talked about loyalty to Saab – as manifested in the fact that most of the heavy items remained in the company despite uncertainty – is beginning to break up.
GP have searched Gunilla Gustavs at the Information Department for comment, without success.
Ms Gustav is also heading for a new mission. She has a new job as information officer at Husqvarna.

I don’t think that it is a sign that the employees’ loyality towards Saab is breaking up, but they can only afford to stay on board up to a certain point. They all got families to feed. So don’t blame those who leave for doing so, though it is always sad to loose good people. All the best Goran.

9 thoughts on “ Goran Ejbyfeldt is leaving Saab”

  1. Someone leaving must not be linked to Loyalty.
    You can also change jobs for thousand other reasons.
    This is just eye catching while the company is in focus.
    Wish Goran success in his new endeavor.

  2. Because this all goes on and on and on, Customer-Loyalty to the Saab brand is also stressed to or beyond the limit now.
    For example, I recently bought a used Volvo XC90, its a great car with a Rica-tuned 320hp/430nm twin-turbo engine, and believe me, its a much more refined car than the GM 9-7x.
    But, IF and when Saab’s future is finally secure I will definately trade it in for a 9-4x……

  3. I agree that this does not mean that Saabs loyalty base is breaking up and I wish all the best to Goran. However, the more ‘senior’ people that do leave, the more difficult it will be for Saab to hit the ground running if a deal is ever achieved.

    I have to say, it’s getting hard to see Saab getting through this.

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