Hero buyer of a 9-5 today in Stockholm

Arne taking delivery of his new (9000km) 9-5 Aero today.

Click Here! YouTube movie from the delivery!

My good friend Arne decided to get a NG 9-5, together we did some scouting around Sweden and found a specimen that fulfilled Arnes ideas of a perfect Saab.
It had to be XWD and Automatic gearbox. Svenska Bil in Akalla had the car it was used by the Saab Sales Manager, so I guess he will have to borrow Santas sled or something this christmas.
Arne traded in two of his nice Saabs, a breathtakingly beautiful 9-3 AERO CV TTiD 2008 (now for sale at Svenska Bil with low milage) and a 2006 9-5 SC Vector.
What a christmas gift for his family to pick up a car the day before christmas eve. I showed one of his sons how to operate Apple Garageband on the iPhone connected to the Harman Kardon system in the car. Believe me that family will have a blast on any drive.
Arne and family is wished a really relaxing christmas by the SU crew, best spent in the new Saab 9-5 on the roads in Comfort mode on the DriveSense.

36 thoughts on “Hero buyer of a 9-5 today in Stockholm”

  1. That’s the spirit! =D

    And good news for Jörgen: You don’t have to stick with your “old grey”. Just contact me whenever you get tired of it and I can drop by to pick it up. 😉

  2. Very nice Christmas gift for this family – and true Saab spirit at it’s best!
    The only thing I do not understand is why they traded their CV.
    I would have kept it in my garage 😉

  3. Congratulations! Very Merry Christmas. I am pleased to share that I am passing papers on a new 9-5 three hours from now near Boston at the oldest dealer in North America. Same color, but not the Aero unfortunately. Very excited, and my experience with the dealer has been excellent (same goes for my dealer near home, but they just didn’t have the same car at anywhere near the same price). Just learned however that shipping of Saab parts to the US has been suspended. The shipping company has reportedly been burned by the bankruptcy and refuses to ship. Saab Parts is undoubtedly seeking new arrangements, but In the mean time there is a backlog of orders forming that could take a while to fill once a new shipper is on board. More information through Saab United is needed, please! I heard all of the above directly from my local dealer’s parts manager by the way. cheers and happy holidays to all.

    • Welcome to the club. Great car but I’ve been waiting 2.5 months for a new rear window for my ’11 9-5 for resolve a defroster and radio reception issue. Now I might even have to pay for it if it ever does become available.

  4. Congratulations! how lucky you are!

    i’m very disappointed because i’ll never have a chance to buy a NG 9-5 or 9-4x in china.

    I hope i can buy new SAABs after SAAB rebirth.

    Go SAAB! Go Youngman!

  5. The car that I’d want is located in the US – if I had the resources I would import that beauty any day. Fokes, it’s the white 9-5 11′ on eBay Motors.

    And Arne, congratulations!

    • I know there are Swiss red nosed Hirsch deer on Arnes list to santa. Guess he has been good this year. Tuning, black leather… Hope for the latter for myself as well, I have been good this year they say.

  6. On December 12, I took delivery of a 2008 9-5 SportKombi (ex-lease with 17K km) from my dealer. Had there been any new ones available, I would have done that instead. To me it remains the most beautiful estate car ever made. It may not help Saab Cars, but it did help my dealer – Charles River Saab (First Saab dealer in the USA and still Saab exclusively)

  7. Excellent Christmas present! 😀 Unfortunately I still have 100K SEK to pay on my 9-3, but still trying to get my hands on a NG9-5 in spring or early summer… Aero, XWD, manual it is!

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