InsideSaab: Payment recieved

Our old friend Swade has good news on InsideSaab:

Saab confirms that the first payment of the funding, which was promised by Youngman, now has been transferred to Saab’s account. The efforts to secure the remaining funding, needed to pay salaries and continue the voluntary reorganization, continue and the work is moving progressively forward.

12 thoughts on “InsideSaab: Payment recieved”

  1. Hoping that Chinagov approves this. I have to believe that this transfer of money has to be an indication. Would be super to rid Saab of the EIB loan and if the parties have worked either with or around GM’s requirements. Again, payment seems to be an indication that this has occurred. Cautious optimism.

  2. “The force is strong in you, Victor Muller”
    This shows that Youngman really are seeing something in Saab… Dthey will not give up.
    Hope that they can help Saab solved the issue with the EIB, GM etc etc…

  3. That’s another small step taken. Let’s hope it leads onto a much bigger step and then a full on run back into production and then who knows where!

    C’mon Saab!!

    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

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