17 thoughts on “Nat. Debt office wants one buyer to take over Saab”

      • Yes, but at the end of the day, the only good news is if there is going to BE a single buyer (and a proper suitor) who is interested in, and wants to invest in, SAAB as a whole, with a sound and suitable short and long-range business plan to keep SAAB as a global luxury (or entry-level luxury) brand.

  1. I don’t want to sound negative, but why then is it taking soooo loooong? The soul of Saab are actively seeking other employment as we wait.

  2. In the original article, Bo lundgren, head of national debt office declared he had driven saab his whole life and have had 11 Saabs.

  3. Is time really running out? It is the holiday season, these things take some time. 90 days is really not the eternity it is made out to be. If some people find employment elsewhere they can be replaced. Most will not find employment in that time frame. I want it done now as well, but what is equally important is that it is done correctly. The comments are beginning to sound like whining children. I want it done quickly as well, I want Saab saved quickly, and I want the warranty on my month-old car back, but most important is that the deal is secure, that the best options are found and that it give Saab a future. I think that this is more than possible, I think it is probable.

  4. The objective of the Debt Office is to secure maximum revenue from the sale of SAAB Parts. If that were to coincide with a bid for the entire company that would meet the objective, but they cannot sell it for much less than the 200 or so million euros it represents as a security. Nor is the Debt Office allowed to put any untoward pressure on the adminstrator on how they run the operation.

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