Statement from Bergqvist & Pouteaux

The receivers have issued a press release today December 30th.
They say:

” The contacts we have had has so far has been positive and gives good hope for alternatives and also combinations of solutions that could result in a continued operation to some degree. Leading to a purposeful dismantling of the bankruptcy operation.”
Hans L Bergqvist & Anne-Marie Pouteaux


Swedish Radio reports of both swedish and foreign parties being interested in Saab.
So the big news is then who is the Swedish potential buyer?
Saab has 9999 lives.

41 thoughts on “Statement from Bergqvist & Pouteaux”

  1. Lets hope for the best. A positive outcome for Saab will be my only wish for 2012, think the feeling is the same for many other Saab owners and supporters.

  2. Though the news are very good, but this part of the sentence “could result in a continued operation TO SOME DEGREE” doesn’t sound very optimistic.

    • Come on, what would you do if a company is nearly dead and some players show interest. It’s a small chance perhaps, so wake up. Even if there’s more to know, they’ll never give away the info.

      • Sorry but if the company were to be sold off piecemeal that would be no good to anyone except the buyer and the bankruptcy lawyers. Operations have to restart in Trollhatan for it to be of benefit to the employees and to us, the SAAB lovers.

  3. First, the Receivers would not issue such a statement unless they are at least 98% certain that there is sufficient interest so that operations, i.e. motor manufacturing, will be able to continue. Secondly, to some degree could equally mean that the production facilities could be adapted to produce some other vehicles until a full range of Saab cars can be developed. Or it may mean something else.

    Whatever, this is great news for the brand and for the creditors. It a great shame that this could not have been done in the spring to save us all the trauma over the summer/autumn.

  4. It is anyway encouraging to see new players coming first because that might arise some other companies interests too (hey, also they are interested in and see possibilities, who don´t we too?) and secondly when there is competition, then maybe in this case getting the full pakace (even with possible yes from GM) will be the solution which wins.

  5. interesting move by the receivers, hopefully they get it done, always thought saab should build a light commercial akin to vw caddy only much better, lots of municipal governments in scandinavia need them.

    • OMG! What a wonderful article! Really captures the spirit of SAAB lovers. It makes very sad to have cut my visit to the plant when I was in Sweden 9 years ago.


  6. Very good news. There is a positive side in this very bad situation for Saab. We are at the bottom and we can’t go further down. So, things can only improve!

    Stay optimist 😉 We will see production starting again in 2012. ( I mean Saab’s car, not something else)

  7. Remember that 14th and 15th of January is really important for Saab!

    If YOU cannot attend, at least put a sticker on your car or print an A4 paper with the logo!

  8. This is crazy. I read this and suddenly felt happy. It makes no sense A low volume manufacturer with a virtually defunct brand image, out of cash, in debt and bankrupt, in an industry with excess capacity, competing in a global economy against manufacturers with 50% or less of the production costs.

    Rationally and financially there is no reason for Saab to continue. That is what I keep telling myself. Truthfully though, I know I am telling myself that to get through the grieving.

    And despite all my attempts to be rational and realistic, here I am, a 60 year old guy, anxiously hanging like a teenager on every piece of news. Hoping and hoping that somehow there is a place in this world for companies that can make such beautiful, unique cars that have character and passion, and that someone with the resources to take action will see this and prove the analysts and bean counters wrong.

    Please please please, let it happen!!!

    Saab: You could drive something else, but why?

    • Thank you all very much.

      I work in marketing for a large company and I do alot of writing as part of my job. I was sitting the other day, looking at my 9-5 fleet and wondering why, after months of looking at other cars, I chose a 4 year old 9-5 SC over BMW, Audi, etc. I test drove BMW 5’s, Audi A4, VW and Volvo. It seemed to me that despite 20-years of GM homogenizing Saab into blandness, there is still a trace of spirit in the 9-5. The 4 year old 9-5 drove better than all of htem. It still drove like nothing else.

      Each time I have bought a Saab, I do it after eliminating all the others, and usually it is because of they way the Saab drives, and the way others don’t. I realized that driving is what Saabs are about. BMW makes alot more noise about their “driving machines”. I didn’t find that they drove any better, and they are nowhere near as pretty. They just have alot more money to spend on marketing.

      BMW’s are terrific cars, but in this country they project a image of money and arrogance. “Ultimate Driving Machine” doesn’t really celebrate the experience of driving. It celebrates that you have the money to buy a BMW. But the secret is that at least to me, after 4 or 5 test drives, I just didn’t find that they drove better than a 9-5. There may be torque steer in the 9-5, but I will take that over a rear wheel drive BMW in a snowstorm.

      So, It came down to what is the point of spending thousands to drive something else? What is it about the others that made them worth so much more? I couldn’t see or feel anything. So what is the point of spending that kind of money for something that isn’t as pretty and drives the same? From there, I worked on it a bit so that it would fit into a nice billboard slogan that translates easily into many common languages, and voila.

      Maybe my dream job is running the USA marketing campaign for a reborn Saab. I can certainly produce better copy than what I have seen. “Born from Jets” I always thought a bit silly, and completely ignores the main advantage Saabs have: They drive better. People buy cars to drive them, not fly them, and when you are stuck in traffic, the reference to speed is a joke. And jet travel nowadays is nothing special. Quite the opposite in fact. I don’t like to be reminded of being in a jet any more. Most people who travel for work feel this way.

      Saab is still one of the best driving experiences available. That is the strength and what should be emphasized. Years ago, one of the slogans was something like “Most people who drive a Saab, buy one”. That is what happened to me. That is the strongest asset of the car and the name. If a miracle happens, I am ready to help craft a message and campaign that will feature the real strength of Saabs.

  9. The big advantage that Saab had 6 months + ago was that it still had a network to distribute its product. Not any longer though! My guess is that most of the UK network has either made alternative franchise arrangements or closed up all together (eg.Saab City).

    Who ever took it back on would need a method of distribution along side a brand already opperating in the market place as I fear the days of being able to survive as a solus Saab dealership are long gone!

    • If a financially strong, confidence-inspiring partner/owner can be found for Saab then the rebuilding of a dealer network should be viable in a reasonably short period. The dealers don’t necessarily have to be stand-alone ones, they could be combined with, I don’t know, SsangYong maybe 😉 ?


  10. I think the brand deserves a fair chance! I’m gonna toast to that at midnight! A happy and Sabish New Year to you all Saablovers around the world and the staff in Sweden…..and brave Victor Muller! Prosit!

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