The Taiwanese Hirsch Performance experience – Part 3

If you come all the way from Taiwan to Central Europe and someone handed you a car like the 9-5 Hirsch Performance where would you go? Of course the Green Hell is the place to experience the abilities of the car. And it looks like they enjoyed it: “Simply put, it’s dynamic performance on the track, makes you forget that it is absolutely up to five meters in a cart, and dynamic performance in the Sports mode, the performance is also hot”. The full story can be found on

Here’s the video they shot on the track.

Click if you missed Part 1 or Part 2.

Image and video courtesy of sniper.liao/

13 thoughts on “The Taiwanese Hirsch Performance experience – Part 3”

  1. Wow, this is fantastic! I have been waiting to see a Saab going around this track for a long time, and High Definition like this makes it really cool. Thanks to these guys and Hirsch for putting this together. I will be getting the Hirsch performance package as well as the styling kit for 2010 9-5. Well done!

  2. Very cool. Thanks to those guys. Wish I could understand thier far eastern version of Swedish. They were very calmly throwing a lot of car through those turns, and they were not wearing helmuts! I can imagine more than one spectator saying “hey, that was a Saab!” Well done.

  3. Weird setting. I can understand that for a test situation, the Nürburgring will be appropriate. But what are all these other plain vanilla cars doing on this racing course? They could easly drive the same speed on public motorways close by?!

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