Press Conference with receivers *Live updates

Today at 09:00 CET the receivers will host a press conference.
Follow it here constantly written in swedish at:

Please, don’t be to excited. The only thing I expect, is that they announce that the bidding process will start, and that many parties have expressed their intention to make a bid for Saab as a whole or for parts of Saab.


Tim taking over with live update:

– Administrators reveal that there are five interested parties in all of Saab and a number of interested parties who want to buy parts of Saab.

– Their identities are not open for comments

– So far no bids have been placed

– A buyer will probably only be presented once the deal is done

– The time-pressure is being felt, there is not a lot of money available to waste on time

– The administrators are open for bids from anyone, anytime. This time it is not just a matter of price but other factors are important as well

– The administrators only has a factory to sell and no licenses with GM are available, it is up to the buyer to deal with GM but the administrators can mediate the issue with GM

– However the administrators refuse to comment on whether they have spoken to GM or not

– A question was placed on why things are kept secret? the answer is due to commercial issues

– Not a lot came out of the press-conference, some question the reason for having it at all…

The press-conference is now over.

Saab US Dealers Ask For SCNA Chapter 11 Protection

Take this as a good sign, today 41 US dealers asked a judge for Chapter 11 protection which would allow them greater involvement in a liquidation and to preserve whatever structure they can in case a bid for the entire company is accepted. Automotive News published an article today explaining the situation with quotes from the dealer group’s attorney Leonard Bellavia. He is representing 162 of the 188 US dealers in the bankruptcy proceedings.

“We filed a [Chapter] 11 just in case a white knight comes out of nowhere and buys Saab’s parent,” he told Rick Kranz of Automotive News. In the US, a Chapter 11 differs from a Chapter 7 in a few key areas. He explains it in his statement on behalf of the dealers today.

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My preferred buyer

Things are getting really interesting now. As administrator Hans Bergqvist told TT (as reported by AFP here) there are now up to five parties who are interested to buy Saab as a whole and talking to the administrators. So besides he ones we know (Youngman, Mahindra & Mahindra, Brightwell Holdings) there is at least one, if not two parties who prefer to remain unnamed for now. Time is a big factor for everybody and it looks like one of those unnamed parties visited Trollhättan last week. Hans Bergquist said that their goal is to get a deal done within two weeks. Good to hear.

I’d assume the thing that everybody asked himself most is which buyer would be the best. We first of all want Saab to survive this bankrupcy but still, if there is a choice why not look for the best fit. It’s a tough decision because the perfect suitor really has to be multi talented.

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A letter of thanks

We Just received this email from Randy Risley who was most recently the Saab NA Training & Brand Quality Manager. This is just another example of the great people we have and had working for Saab. Randy, I know your letter is a thank you to the dealers and customers alike but I want to extend a thank you to you as well for understanding the dealers and customers.

For years I have remained silent to the SU membership as I have anonymously enjoyed the many fine articles and informational blogs on this great site, now I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of the SU crew and post a letter of appreciation to all of the great Saab dealers in North America.

Thank you to All North American Dealers

It is with great appreciation and admiration that I post this message of gratitude for the tremendous efforts of so many Saab dealers and dedicated personnel in North America.  The brand loyalty of our talented service, parts, sales, administrative and leadership professionals, from our many dedicated dealers, grew Saab in its time of prosperity and kept Saab alive during the dark periods of transition and no production.  Even now, as Saab departs the new vehicle market place, there are many who are committed to supporting Saab customers into the future and sadly those who are loyal to the brand but financially unable to continue.

My Saab role over the years has provided me with the opportunity to meet and work with a network of dealer professionals, who were truly an extended family of Saab enthusiasts, dedicated to the brand and to the Saab customer with unstoppable passion. I have been privileged to have met many great Saab professionals during our product launch events and conventions and so it is with this message that I express my gratitude and best wishes to all of my wonderful Saab dealership friends with my confidence that your great talents will serve you well long into the future. I would like to extend a special thanks to the many talented Saab technicians who went far beyond the norm and shared in many hours of training, hard work and also much fun as we all worked together, my fond memories of our great training culture will live on forever.

To all of our customers who have supported Saab, I thank you for your brand loyalty and I hope you will take a moment to say thank you to your Saab technician and the rest of your dealer service and parts team the next time you see them or, even better, send them an e-mail of appreciation through their dealer site and let them know how much you appreciate their dedication to the Saab brand and their motivation to keep your Saab in top shape for years to come.

Best wishes to all for a bright 2012

Randy Risley – (most recently) Saab NA Training & Brand Quality Manager

TTela snippets

Today, has published three interesting Saab-related articles. The first is an interview with Swade, as he spent the last week in Sweden to say farewell to friends and, this is my impression, to the Saab factory.
The article is well written, but the title is a little bit confusing.

“I have given up hope”

Because of that Swade has written a clarification on his own blog Swadeology.

And this is what he says about the title of this article.

This is not referring to Saab. People who read further into the article will see that I personally do not hold any great hopes of working for Saab again myself, which is the situation the headline should refer to.

I wanted to transport this clarification to Saabsunited, because he is a (the) very important person in the Saab community and I don’t want that people start spreading rumours about him here.

It looks like TTela has noticed the misunderstanding, and today they have updated the article with some footage of the interview.

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Auto Motor & Sport writes about 14/1

Picture taken from AMS no.3 2012, A well trained car spotter eye can see 4 NG 9-5´s the car that looks like it is in the front is most probably an inferior brand that is about to be overtaken and get a never before experience.

Our Saab friends at AMS Swedish editor, Mr. Gustaf Sjöholm has written 6 page story with pictures by Luigi di Pronto. It is about his experiences from taking part in the Stockholm to Trollhättan convoy, and of course about the meeting outside the SAAB plant. Some notable SU regulars are featured in both text and picture.
So You who can go and buy Your copy, the 2012 No. 3 Edition of AMS Auto Motor & Sport.

BIG Thank YOU AMS for the support!

Be civilized to your service technician / dealer

I know most of you regulars here on SU are well-behaved, but in case you know someone who is not…

The following was posted in one of our forums. I have taken the liberty of lifting it to the front page because I think it is important to keep the remaining dealers in business and it is especially important to make sure we don’t loose access to the nice people who are qualified to diagnose our vehicles.

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