6 Days to Rallytime!

Are you going to be participating in a rally this coming weekend? I hope the answer is an enthusiastic YES! It doesn’t have to be a huge meet of 1000 people, it can be as little as 3 or 20, or 100. What matters is that we come together to show our support for Saab moving forward. The dealers need us now to help drive business into their dealerships, both for buying Saabs and maintaining them. Saab needs to show the future investors that we are still out there, and if they come forward and buy Saab, they will have our support. The added bonus is we get to gather a great group of people together and talk cars!

What do you do at a rally? The idea is simple. 1) If you weren’t able to order “We Are Many, We Are Saab” stickers, there is a photo available on Outside Saab that you can take to your local printer. From there, its your choice of signs, stickers or window decals. 2) Next, gather as many Saab enthusiasts as you can in one place! Some are meeting at Saab dealerships, others Ikea locations, and the final groups are meeting in large parking lots.  3) You can choose if you want to have a convoy through town, or if you just want to take some photos and chat with people in one spot. 4) If you can, we would really appreciate press releases to the major news media in your area, to gain coverage of the events. This will help Saab out tremendously through these tough times. 5) And… photos, videos, more photos, anything you can send us to post!

I understand if you’re feeling pessimistic what’s going on right now at Saab. But you have to understand that things are really moving behind the scenes! Saab is capable of resurrecting. If we all push aside our negative thoughts and focus on the positives here, we can help Saab’s positive outcome. We did it in ’10, we can do it again in ’12. We are a strong group, and together we’ve accomplished many great things. We can be very proud of what we have done. No other car company out there can boast this type of loyalty.

Up to date nformation about the rallies is always available on http://www.outside-saab.com. If you are having trouble hooking up with a rally in your area, please post a comment to this entry, and I will personally do my best to help you out!

So, I say we all take a few hours out of our busy lives, climb into our great Saab vehicles, and HIT THE ROADS! Let’s show them our heart, and that we’re still here cheering on one of the greatest auto manufacturers that ever lived. Go Saab, GO!

Thank you, each and every one of you, for helping us on this great and exciting day! Let’s make history on January 14-15th, let’s tell the people how great Saab is!

27 thoughts on “6 Days to Rallytime!”

  1. My local Saab group, South West Saab (GB) are going to visit two meets. One in Bristol with about 25 cars booked in so far and the other in Yelverton, Devon and it looks like around 30 cars will be there. Looking forward to next weekend for sure.

  2. The global Saab community, showing their support next weekend, will be a powerfull statement.
    Every Saab enthousiast, who joins in, will empower this global event.

    We are many, we are Saab !

  3. I was a little late getting around to it, but I’m hoping something can pull together here in Iowa. I made a facebook event just yesterday. I’m going to try and call the dealer in Iowa City and see if there is any interest or plans there. If nothing else, maybe I’ll find a few people from here to go to MN or Chicago in a caravan! I got my first Saab a couple months ago and I haven’t gotten connected to any other Saab fans in the area yet, so I’m hoping this will change that!

    Link to my facebook event

    • You may want to check with Meyer Garage to see what they’re planning. There was a mention of possibly getting something going there. Otherwise you’re more than welcome to join my at the MN rally in Minneapolis, or head over to Chicago, which would be fun too!

  4. PLEASE LQQK at Outside-SAAB regularly, as there are venues being added. I just found out that a fellow SAAB Brother going down to Chicago did not know of my party in Milwaukee, Saturday, evening.

  5. Does anyone know if there will be a gathering in Sydney, AUS? I have been to the outside-saab but I can only find one in Adelaide so far.

  6. Quick message from the Mad Dutchies. What started as a small idea on a sofa somewhere in the South of the Netherlands, is getting rather, erm, big.
    38 countries sporting 76 events worldwide at present when writing this. We have been inundated with requests, information and a lot of offers for help and assistance.

    The Dutch event is gonna be huge. We are at present at about 780 cars registered, something we had never anticipated. The press is finding us from all over the world. It is I think the biggest show of support we can muster up, showing those who were caught out we as Saab drivers and enthusiasts do care about them.
    Make yourself heard and seen. Show how positive we all look at Saab, and its people. Let them know we stand united behind those who lost their jobs. Let them know we will buy new Saabs once the factory starts running again. Keep the message positive, as that will have an impact.

    For us here in the Netherlands, things are relatively easy. We have found that people still remember the convoys, organisations and companies want to help out, and their support has simply been amazing. We are looking forward to a venue which is brilliant, a line up and showcase showing just about every type of Saab ever sold in the Netherlands…

    Will there be 1000 cars coming together? we do not know. Is it important? IN a way it is a challenge ofcourse, but ANY gathering, be it just one car or more, counts, big times.

    Anyway, we do hope the coming weekend will forge new friendships, will be an event wherever where people come together and enjoy their Saabs. “We are many, we are Saab” seems to have hit the right spot.

    Have fun all of you and keep the positive spirit high!

    The We are many, we are Saab Team

    This is a cooperation between Saabsunited.com, saabforum.nl and saabclub.nl

      • Sorry, not really sure if I can. Not in touch with any other Saab owners in my area. If anyone reads this from this area and would like to meet, get in touch. Possabilities could be Ikea in Edinburgh or even Western Saab Perth.

  7. Good morning from the state of washington, My wife and I are new to SU and very honored to be a part of the family. I am to report there are no activities that we can find in our state, we live in Spokane and and I spoken with our local Dealership and a Independent shop only to find 0 Interest. We were in Seattle
    Friday and Saturday and spoke to a Gentleman on the street parking his 9 5
    only to find nothing on that side of the state either. So while we can’t physically join you,
    We are with you in SPIRIT. Best in Life to all and Thank You.

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