99 Rally cars built for Vladimir and Victor are for sale

One of the three 99´s for sale. Picture taken at MSR 2011 by Jörgen Trued

Now it is time to let the world know what really happened last winter in the preparations for the Rally to the Midnight Sun.
SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team (SUHRT) through me had a meeting at Latvijas Krajbankas Scandinavian office with two of Vladimir Antonovs colleagues. I was given the work to set up the largest Saab Rally Team entry in Saabs history. 9 cars all in all, drivers should be Vladimir, Victor, me and 6 more guys Russians and Swedes. I was given the list of names and ordered to enter the whole group to the competition. All nine cars and crews where entered for the rally but after a week Victor Muller decided to make part of the “team” his own. So SUHRT was suddenly down to 3 cars, our two black and marble-white 99 Turbo CombiCoupes, the black driven by me, and later the white driven by Krister Sundman. The blue 99 Turbo Sedan meant for Victor Muller was instead driven by Fredrik Nyström-Andersson.

Vladimir and Victor set up a team of three 99 cars under the name Saab Heritage Rally Team. Unfortunately neither of them turned up for the Rally to The Midnightsun. Other drivers where put into the cars and they all finished. SUHRT managed through me be the best Saab in the regularity class but that is another story.

Now I have been contacted by a guy who has the responsibility to sell the 3 99 cars of the ex. Saab Heritage Rally Team.
If we through SU can find new homes for these cars, we in SUHRT can for sure open up the possibility to drive under the SUHRT colors.

So what is up for sale?
They are all, silver grey metallic with a green stripe on side and bonnet, the are all standard 99 1 carburetor engines approx. 100 BHP, manual 4 speed transmission, simple sport exhaust, simple interior roll bar (needs to be changed). The alloys are carved out soccer ball design. Tripmeters are installed for regularity competition

YouTube video thanks to Inside Saab and Steven Wade

Alla the silver grey cars can be seen here.
Plus the 3 99 Turbos of SUHRT. The cars are shown in finishing order worst to best…..

Feel free to contact me if You are interested in any of the cars or any other Saab competition car.  jtrued[at]gmail.com

16 thoughts on “99 Rally cars built for Vladimir and Victor are for sale”

  1. Can you bring one with you to Oregon in February? Look cool in my driveway. Or maybe I can buy one cheap enough to just leave with you in Stockholm so I can drive in next years rally?

    • yeah – some clue on a price would be good so I don’t come off a fool…last time I inquired about a 99 I had to pick my jaw back up…

  2. I had not realised that neither Victor nor Vladimir did not turn up! That is pretty poor after splitting the teams up and creating their own team. So many must have been disappointed by that. And what was their reason for not turning up after so much preparation?

  3. And: Innovatum ready to take over Saab Museum ( http://ttela.se/ekonomi/saab/1.1493210-innovatum-redo-att-ta-over-saabmuseet)

    Google trans:
    Trollhättan and the region is prepared to support Innovatum so that the Saab museum can move forward. It is now clear.

    – Negotiations with the receivers may be ready next week, says Helmersson, president of Innovatum.

    In response to the Saab veterans who expressed concern about the Saab museum and declared themselves willing to help run the museum by volunteer staff as explained Helmersson that a solution is underway.

    Trollhättan city and the region of Västra Götaland is “prepared to provide support to Innovatum so that we can operate the museum forward,” he writes.

    And Helmersson expect to be able to reach a settlement with the bankruptcy trustees’ right to immediately “.

    – Yes, we expect to be able to complete their negotiations very soon. There should be some stakeholders for the museum, but it may relate to collectors who are interested in some cars in the museum. It is a matter for negotiation with the receivers, says Helmersson.

    In order to operate the museum also needs to reduce operating costs against what has been pushed when Saab Museum.

    – With regard to staff’s Saab veteran association offering something we accept with gratitude. We have also already on the staff Innovatum Science Center has also served on the Saab museum, so there is a possibility to find solutions as well.

    Valdemar Lönnroth
    Sounds good to me! 🙂

    • No they are owned by a leasing company right now and I have been asked to find nice homes for them all. If any one wants a custom built Saab just drop a line and I will have You set up!

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