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The following post is from our friends over at Outside Saab, we need to keep supporting their effort:

What started as an idea on a sofa in the Netherlands, sort of has gotten out of control. Some facts and figures for you.

Over 40 countries hosting a staggering 95 events. A simple slogan We are many, we are Saab seems to have done the trick, including some simple artwork. What started as a small website, basically now is the place to look for an event coming weekend.

What would be simply great is if everyone who hosts an event, gets onto email via [email protected] and informs us. It would be absolutely brilliant if after the weekend we can all see how many people, how many cars actually participated worldwide. Keep us posted on what you are planning, send pictures in showing your cars & people. Keep us busy with whatever information you can muster up!

“Smiles all around. And that is what coming weekend is all about. A smile on everyone’s face, enjoying each other’s company and enjoying our Saabs.”

But also to show the world that we stand behind Saab, even during hard times. Taking a moment to think about those who are at the receiving end of this situation, those directly or indirectly involved with Saab, be it at the factory, as a dealer, a specialist or even in the supply chain surrounding all this. These people actually deserve our support. They need to see we all believe in the brand. Let those willing to restart Saab know that this is about the only brand worldwide which has a well-organised, well-thought out base of followers.

So take to the challenge and organize something. Be it with 1 car, or even 1,000, it does not matter. Get hold of your local, national or even international media and make our voice heard.

Things in the Netherlands are hectic to say the least. Across every Saab related organisation in this small country, volunteers have risen to the challenge. It is a sheer honour and a pleasure for us three personally, to be part of such a huge number of people. At present we are facing well over 1000 Saabs arriving at the Hangar 2 venue at the old Naval Airbase at Valkenburg (ZH). Apart from being involved in the worldwide organization, we are also facing having to throw an event together. Something all our Saab friends will remember. Something that will keep the momentum going and will keep the word SAAB in the media. Something that may just form a small share so that those generations behind us will still be able to enjoy what we all enjoy. The safety and design of a SAAB.

So keep your information coming in via http://www.outside-saab.com and [email protected]. Let us know what you are doing coming weekend to show your support for Saab and its people. Let us know how many cars you may be having. It does not matter whether there are 2 cars of 20,000 (yikes) Every sticker showing, every happy face is one more. We would like to show on the site how many cars approximately took part in these meetings.

Follow @outsidesaab on twitter, follow WeAreSaab on Facebook, follow the WeAreSaab system on Flickr. Keep your photos, emails and updates pouring in. Okay, we won’t have any sleep trying to keep up, but we want to show all of us that together we can do it. Remember!

We are Many, We are Saab!

16 thoughts on “A Message From Outside Saab”

  1. Noticed “Washington” listed in North America. Washington DC??? I didn’t see DC or Washington State on the page showing details of the events. I’m in the DC area and will consider a trip to Pennsylvania if there isn’t a local DC event.

    • It doesn’t look as though there is a DC event, as people are joining the PA events. I think Washington was supposed to be Seattle area, Washington. I will double-check the information.

      • Keep on the good work; world is watching you.
        Amazing what you all did so far.
        Will be a beauty of a world-wide event and one will still talk about this in the years to come.
        Never seen such work done for any other car company in this situation.

      • According to Facebook (Northwest Saab Owner’s Club) and Saabsunited a few days ago in the article/comments about Portland, Oregon, there are two Saab meetings in Seattle.

        The longer meeting is at Larson Saab in Fife at 9 a.m. and then driving 2-3 hours to Portland.

        The shorter meeting is at Northgate Target at 11 a.m. and driving to Saab of Bellevue and Arby’s via the I-90 bridge. The Facebook page says that is the shorter event for people who do not have time to drive to Portland.

    • Angelo- you REALLY should consider coming to PA. We will have a VERY special surprise guest joining us at Longwood Gardens after our convoy – about 2:15pm – that I promise will make the trip well worth your while : )

      • Julie: Sounds very intriquing! I was actually trying to organize something small at International Saab in Falls Church, VA—–if that doesn’t work out and/or if I can get away for enough time on Saturday to make the trip to PA (would be bringing my 7 year old with me), I’ll plan the voyage! I’m originally from Pennyslvania—-Wilkes-Barre area. Can’t wait to see who the surprise guest is—–hopefully Victor Muller or maybe my son would prefer Santa Claus!

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