Auto Motor & Sport writes about 14/1

Picture taken from AMS no.3 2012, A well trained car spotter eye can see 4 NG 9-5´s the car that looks like it is in the front is most probably an inferior brand that is about to be overtaken and get a never before experience.

Our Saab friends at AMS Swedish editor, Mr. Gustaf Sjöholm has written 6 page story with pictures by Luigi di Pronto. It is about his experiences from taking part in the Stockholm to Trollhättan convoy, and of course about the meeting outside the SAAB plant. Some notable SU regulars are featured in both text and picture.
So You who can go and buy Your copy, the 2012 No. 3 Edition of AMS Auto Motor & Sport.

BIG Thank YOU AMS for the support!

10 thoughts on “Auto Motor & Sport writes about 14/1”

    • You are so right, unfortunately… Much of this I think depends on the swedish media negative reporting about Saab and that is really sad that it has become so.

    • Hating a freaking car manufacturer in a comment section of a car enthusiast magazine – just no, it has to do with people’s personal issues, venting their frustration elsewhere. Pathetic, and perhaps conformism? If it’s called that..

    • I have tried over all this period to write the truth about what really happens to Saab, but there are indeed some really annoying haters out there. I guess Freud would have fun reading some of these comments.

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