City of Trollhättan has placed a bid! interview the mayor of Trollhättan. City of Trollhättan HAS put in a bid for the complete museum.
Just hope that they have written a number high enough on the bid.
So what if the lawyers say they have a higher bid on the complete collection than the bid from City of Trollhättan.
Any suggestions?

70 thoughts on “City of Trollhättan has placed a bid!”

  1. I can’t believe the Swedish tourism agency cannot find a few $$ to help with this bid. I find it so amazing the Swedish govt invests billions of $$ in assisting SAAB AB to build and market weapons and it cannot find a 1 B to save a car maker with a world class product and so many possibilities…

  2. I’m surprised General Motors didn’t use some of the billions they heisted from U.S. taxpayers to place a bid—-so they could send these cars to the crusher and eliminate Saab further. General Morons. Government Moochers.

  3. We’re planning to visit Sweden in 2013. If it’s the case and the museum is open we’ll visit it. How about a club/ foundation to support the buyer?

    • Just my thought.
      If the City of Trollhättanis the one, they should create a Friends of the Saab Museum Club/Foundation whatever is best in Sweden, so people can make donations, or pay a yearly fee. I think there are some of us that would spend some Dollars/euros/Kronor to keep the Museum alive.

      • I totally agree with that, I may not make it to the Museum any time soon but I’d still pay for a membership or to help in any way possible.

        • I agree fully. But also the museum is very important for a ( potential )buyer of SAAB.
          Here memories are made, as for e.g. I got the pleasure of driving a Viggen convertible just outside of the museum. What an expectede treat and moreover, what a trust ! ( I drove a BMW back then…sorry)
          My kids saw the diverse movies on SAAB and since then no brand is cooler then SAAB!
          On the membership fee, if it is doen through all the SAAB clubs, it should for sure no loss center to the Trolháttan community)

      • RedJ – I’ll be visiting another brand’s motoring museum next week and they have just such a scheme. It’s pretty expensive, but it works, and the City (if successful) would be wise to copy the arrangement. Museums and collections all around the world do similar things.

  4. Really great news that the municipality shows commitment for the museum! I have looked at the SVT-interview, there also one of the lawyers participated, and it is good to known that even they would think it be great if the museum survided intact. Let us hope that the bid is high enough.

  5. I do HOPE the bid from Trollhättan is high enough. Unfortunately it is easy to imagine that the receivers will get more money from selling each car for the highest individual bid – which they will do if that might be the case …

        • Yes, but it would certainly be easier to sell it in one go to the City. If you evaluate the time taken to sort out all the individual sales and processes, it may not be so far removed in cost…. just a thought if the receivers secretly would like to sell the cars to the City… 🙂

    • Swedish law says that the administrator is not required to take the highest bid, contrary to what they said on the press conference they are allowed to consider employment possibilities. “… does not prevent the trustee for the settlement of the estate takes into account what is likely to promote long-term employment, if it can be done without the creditors’ rights significantly diminished.” If you push it, I would say if the administrators take the highest bid that promise to continue to run the museum regardless of other bids (bar exceptional ones), they are in the clear. (But if they get enough money that way is another issue…)

      Also note, the administrators said that they reserve the right to abort the sale at any time (as a precaution, I guess).

  6. “So what if the lawyers say they have a higher bid on the complete collection than the bid from City of Trollhättan.”

    I would be surprised, I’m more afraid of the receivers wanting to break apart the collection because they can sell individual cars easier. However if someone places a higher bid, I’d start a donation for the City to raise it’s bid.

  7. Trued


    Then list is here;

    I am sure the administrators will look at a ‘new’ higher bid from them, if the extra money is there..

    • I will call them tomorrow and put it “bluntly”, if how much is needed to match the highest bidder. Then I will come back here.

      • It’s ‘free’ money after all.

        For the love of ‘Saab’, that’s all most people on here want….

        Anyway, when ‘we visit the Saab factory in the Future’, we will want to see both. won’t we!!.

  8. I’d happily retract the bid I put on a car if it will help.
    My plan was to donate it to the “new” museum if it was broken up.

    • That’s very thoughtful. I didn’t place a bid because I can’t, but my thoughts were that if I did it would be for that same reason; to donate it to a new Museum.

  9. I just hope that the city of Trollhättan can aquire the complete museum. I just hope that this bid is higher then all the combined bids for the single cars. I just hope things work out – at least regarding OUR Saab Museum! Griffin Up!

    • +1, akis96! I think this will work out to the best for Trollhättan. I am not sure that only money talks here; there are obvious both will and a wish to keep the museum intact from all parties involved. Besides, I guess there are not many bidders for the whole museum (if any except Trollhättan) so my guess is that this will be a good landing among all other crash landings lately.

      Cheers from Norway
      Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

  10. I think it would be downright wrong to sell any individual car to anyone. The museum must be kept intact in its entirety every thing else is almost criminal.

  11. Good to read they have made up their mind and see the value of the “asset”.

    Now they can explore the possibilities of global community funding and a “Friends of Saab(museum)” membership.
    If they need help to spar on a way to make that work…

  12. I was wondering if the lawyers could negotiate with the bidders a little. For example, to maximize returns, could they award the majority of the museum to Trollhatten (incl. esp. the Ursaab), but sell some of the less essential cars that received bids to others. Over time the cars lost in the bidding could be replaced through donations, later acquisitions, etc. I have also wondered if Saab AB would be bidding, since the vast majority of the cars were developed and built by them. Whatever happens to Saab Cars, these vehicles are all part of Saab AB’s heritage. Surely they know that and would want to preserve it.

  13. Dear Receivers of the SAAB Estate,

    Please keep the cars together, as there is more at stake than money, SAAB is part of Trollhattens History. For over 60 years SAAB has stood for as a symbol of that great city called Trollhatten, keeping the cars together and in Trollhatten will not only give the potential buyer of SAAB a place to put new cars in the collection, but can be a testament to the people of Trollhatten, as well as the 3000 plus individuals who made SAAB what it is and what it stands for: Unity!

    • When you write this I think of DAF cars from Holland. They are gone now but they have a fantastic DAF Museum which is based in Eindhoven, the place where the main factory was.

  14. I’d be happy to pay a yearly membership fee for the museum. I agree it’s important to preserve the heritage of the marque.

  15. “The receiver will not reveal what it is like inviting, and the sums they are about. However, they regret that they will not take into account if the offeror intends to operate the museum on.

    – They are not our task to preserve the museum. We are unfortunately not a culture of enforcement, says Pouteaux.
    – It would be funny if it were so, but our task is to make it to the assets of the estate.”

    How would that be funny I wonder.

  16. Had an early morning talk with one of the lawyers Bo-Stefan Jarle who seams to be the guy responsible for the museum sale.
    He was reluctant to talk about the museum sale. They are now evaluating the bids.
    I did tell him that people has placed bids, done that just in order to save the Saab cars in Trollhättan. I asked him for a tentative number of the difference between the Trollhättan City bid and the highest bid (one bid for all or the combined singular bids) so WE the Saab community would know how much we would have collectively to put on the table to save the museum in Trollhättan.
    I got no response on that!

    • I believe he’s not really in liberty to discuss the bids. Still he could have given some answer like “it’s close”, “not even near”, etc. Now I’m thinkg to email him to find out if they still accept bids so I can send mine 🙁

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