FOLLOW ME to Trollhättan tomorrow!

So now the lead car of the Stockholm ti Trollhättan convoy is cleaned striped thanks to Abshot Signs UK (Donna Coupe) Tomorrow at 06:00 AM the convoy will start to roll towards Trollhättan. By then the car will have an amber Strobe on the roof. So You guys get ready when You see the amber light.

Lets hope for a massive turnout. Weather forecast looks great, dry and no clouds. So no reasons not to come!

15 thoughts on “FOLLOW ME to Trollhättan tomorrow!”

  1. Jorgen, is the striping police colors? I seem to remember seeing a white police car with those colors. People should notice you. I also like that you have the backwards sign in the front window telling people to get behind you. Have a great drive out tomorrow.

  2. I’ll be there! Cleaned my car as well, but the amount of salt on the roads has been massive this year so we’ll just have to wait and see if my black Aero turns out to be a grey Aero when we’re getting closer to Troll-town 🙂

  3. I had been looking forward to joining the convoy to Trollhättan tomorrow, but it seems like I can’t unfortunately… I have the time but no suitable means of transportation. I also checked the train/bus connections but they are “not optimal” to say the least. I wish you good luck and hope you will have a nice day!

  4. No reasons not to come? How about the Atlantic Ocean?! I live in what was Saab’s largest market. The impetus behind the Saab Convertible also lived here.

  5. Would love to join you… I can see tje factory from my driveway… it would be a short convoy for me!
    Unfortunately I need to drive to Gothenburg and repair my friends OG900 that has broken down for the second time in 2 months…..!

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