UPDATE: Great warranty news! (For Swedes only)

Red afterburner on my 9-5 Aero

Once again SaabsUnited is the first media to spread good Saab News.
I spoke this morning with Peter Hallberg of the Swedish Dealer Organization.
There is great news for past and future Saab owners in Sweden.

The so called Nybilsgarantin (New car warranty) will be back just as it has been.

The cars can be set in two categories, 1. Cars sold before the bankruptcy. 2. Cars sold after.
Technically the underlaying agreements are somewhat different but for the owners it is the same simple ownership as always.
This is great news for buyers, dealers and service.

I guess now is the time to go to Your dealer and pick up Your dream Saab!

41 thoughts on “UPDATE: Great warranty news! (For Swedes only)”

  1. This is great news! I am currently trying to make sense of what to have: a (more expensive) Aero with XWD, manual, adaptive chassi with eLSD, or a much cheaper Vector with the same specs. In the Vector I could have both the 260hp upgrade and the quad exhaust from Hirsch and still have money left… Is there something else that makes a big difference between the Aero and the Vector? The leather? Interior? The Vector is also a Biopower and from 2011… is the interior nicer in the 2011 than in the 2010?

    You seem to have great knowledge of the 9-5, especially with that pretty car of yours that I drove behind to Trollhรคttan ๐Ÿ˜€

    • The fog light surrounds and the styling of the rear exhaust pipes are the tell-tale sign of an Aero.

      The signature headlights are optional on the Vector I think.

      Some nice features you should consider:
      – Aero styling as mentioned above
      – HUD
      – satnav (I would not bother with this had it not been for the nice HUD integration…)
      – SmartBeam with signature lights
      – If you, for some reason, do not have lane departure warning, I believe it is possible to get automatic high-beam operation (included with SmartBeam?)

      Best of luck.

      • Thanks Rune! Yeah, the fog lights surroundings are really nice on the Aero, but the exhaust pipes I can get by Hirsch anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe even the fog light surrounds…? The Vector I’ve been looking on also has the satnav and smartbeam (which includes signature lights, right?).

        The Aero is a 2010 with 6000 (swedish) miles for around 230’000SEK, whereas the Vector is a 2011 with 3000 miles for around 260’000SEK. In other words I can get some nice Hirsch-goodies and still have like 40’000 left. I doubt the HUD and fig lights surrounds are worth that much to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I’d miss the brushed aluminium pedals and the piece of aluminium on the Aero’s steering wheel though. Hm.

        • Peter,
          the pedals from Hirsch look much better. ๐Ÿ˜‰
          On the rear, you can even mount the Hirsch rear diffuser on a vector, so if you Hirsch things up, you only will have different front fog light surroundings.
          Another difference between Aero and Vector is that the Vector is the only one with full tan interior, the Aero has always black interior even with tan seats. And the seats are different.

        • The Aero has much better seats than the standard Vector seats. Except the car you are looking at has the vector trim with premium leather, than you will have the same nice good seats. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Peter, what is the insurance like? Tompa keeps telling me that Aero is more expensive to insure.

          The price you quoted for the Vector is 30K more than the Aero..?

          • It’s cheaper to insure than my 9-3 Aero V6… don’t think there’s any difference between the Vector and the Aero though, as long as the engine is the same.

            And ooops, the price for the Aero is supposed to be 330’000SEK.

            • In that case, the vector sounds like the better deal as you say.

              If you are lucky, the front piece with the foglight cutout might be available somewhere. That, combined with the nice rear diffusor from Hirsch should help make your 9-5 even more unique.

              I just passed 40000 km in mine. Hardly any distance at all!

              • Rune,
                you have to change the whole front bumper if you want to have a Aero front.

                But you get the whole Hirsch Aero package with an Aero Bumper for only 19.900 SEK !!!
                It will still need prime and painting, but it looks like a cheap way of getting a fake Aero. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thanks Peter,
      Well I took my own sweet time to find my perfect specimen out there. I actually had car ready just to sign the contract in late spring 2011. But due to what happened at SAAB with managers gratifying themselves with 10 million dollars I pulled out of the deal.
      Scouted the market extensively for some weeks in august. Suddenly my car emerged. This will happen to You to a promise.
      First decide if You want a brand new or a used. There are quite a few new to choose from I was just about to take a carbon grey vector near Sรถdertรคlje but the the AERO showed up.
      If you have the money get an AERO there are all the details that makes the difference.

      Here is my +/ – list
      – HUD is a must, You will get used to it so fast.
      – Navigation Yes but not a must, well integrated with the HUD
      – Stereo HK is not so important (gives You better trunk space)
      – Trunk Rail system well You could live about it I could at least
      – DrivesSense YES really good
      – XWD well if You really need it, lower top speed + Gas Guzzler
      – Adaptive lights good when they work (I will have mine calibrated tomorrow)
      – Advanced parking I have it total waste of money. You can park better Yourself
      – DAB radio, one channel in Sweden I have it waste of money
      – Rear seat entertainment I would NOT have checked that option, my rear seat occasional passengers wants to talk and not watch DVD. The 3rd climate zone is good but to a high price.

      Good luck in looking around !

      • There’s a carbon gray Aero in Halmstad for a nice price, but of course without Drive Sense and the navigation :/ I could live without Drive Sense, but I think I’d get bored of the interior without the navigation… Still a good price, compared to the fully loaded Aero in Biva Uppsala that I’m madly in love with. Talk about i-landsproblem! ^__^

        • Go with Your heart… Go Uppsala. Everything including RSE, 19 Turbine, Pilot-stuff etc. What a car. One can not be to picky when there are not that many around.
          I would have taken that one if I was shopping around!

    • The prices are so right here in Sweden now. A buyer get one heck-of-a car now. Could be the last SAAB hope not but why pass the chance of getting one.
      I wonder what happens if a Non-Swede buys a Saab in Sweden will that car still carry the warranty? EU is all about free flow of goods and service. What about warranty? Do we have any lawyers here on SaabsUnited, who can enlighten us?

  2. This is great news for everyone actually, with Sweden taking action, USA and other places can’t be far behind. Wonder how they treat cars sold before and after bankruptcy, since the people who bought cars after were told “no warranty” from the get go.

    • I bought a 9-4x on Saturday and got the impression that I would not have the factory warranty reinstated in any situation because I bought the car with no warranty included (and saved money as a result). I know some dealers are implying that warranties would become active in the case that things changed but it might depend on how the vehicle was purchased and the laws in that state. Still, one would think that if Saab got a new owner, they would make a reinstated warranty very, very affordable to bring such car owners back in the fold.

      • I bought my 2011 93 SportCombi in November, about a month before the bankruptcy. I just hope that they treat the people who bought new Saabs pre-bankruptcy to a better coverage plan or something extra compared to those who bought them on fire sale clerance deals. If I waited I could have purchased a 93X for less than my 93, makes me very upset and full of regret for when I bought it.

        It is a beautiful car and I love it, no complaints besides how the customers are getting shafted ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Great news, indeed! I hope though this will be the first sign of several things getting somewhat back on track. When I asked my dealer to change the front wipers on my 9-5 he said he couldn’t because they were unavailable both in Norway and Sweden. Oh well, I can live a while with the one I have before I go for the older versions or unoriginal after market, but when it is so difficult to get hold of such basic spare parts I am reluctant to go for a new SAAB. I followed a thread in one of the SAAB Turbo Club forums and there were quite a lot of people out there with grounded cars because of lack of parts.

    That said – I deeply, deeply hope for a jump start of SAAB (not only because of the missing wipers :), I simply don’t want any other car. I refuse to take down my SAAB Parking Only sign in my driveway! Well, at the moment it temporarly is down, but for other reasons.

  4. No Cerulean you are not wrong. I lost my job with Concept with only one hour notice the day before Christmas Eve. Not really possible to have contacted customers with barely even enough time to gather your belongings!

  5. Peter,
    If you have a choice of MY2010 (A400xxxx -chassis nr) or MY2011 (B400xxxx -chassis nr.) then I suggest the MY2011. They have most of the bugs ironed out and there are more updates for software available. Especially the Body Control Module…

    So check the last 8 digits of the VIN. If the last 8 (short VIN) starts with “B” then go for it. If it’s an “A” I would walk away.

      • I agree with you, but price on 95NG liner 1.6 started since 39k euro, it was more expensive than volvo s80 2.5T (31k euro) and price on top 95 aero xwd v6 was 72k euro!!!! It is a bit more expensive than e350 4matic, or e300 4matik with accessories. After this price, i started hate GM.

        • Well, the 9-5 is a luxurious beast. That is the price of admission. When I bought mine I ran some comparisons with Audi and BMW, and they were much more expensive here in Sweden. Note that the 9-3 is a very capable car, nice looking, safe and versatile. And cheaper.

          Just make sure you compare all the variables. As I keep telling people, I drove a Volvo V50 for 1000 km a year ago, and I was surprised how bad it was on the road. It was absolutely no match for my 9000 CSE from 1997. That is an apple and orange comparison — yes, but I learned that just because a Scandinavian car manufacturer sells a car in Sweden, doesn’t automatically mean it is suitable for Scandinavian winter roads. The S80 is probably a much better Volvo, but I could not care less: It is still ugly. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I know about 93 ๐Ÿ™‚ I have bought 93 2.0T in 2008 ๐Ÿ™‚

            V50\S40\C30 its a ford focus 2, they are like a ship on the road ๐Ÿ™‚

            • I had a 2008 9-3 SC 1.8t myself. Loved that car. Drove a lot in the winter and it never skipped a beat. (sold it when I moved to Sweden)

              Well, until someone kicks production in gear again, it is all water under the bridge.

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